Que roupas levar para uma viagem à Islândia?

What clothes to take a trip to Iceland?

March 19, 2018 2 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

He is planning a trip to Iceland? And you do not know what clothes you should take? We have created this post of TurMundial, just to give tips what clothes we should take, on a trip to the wonderful Iceland.

First point, a Iceland is a country cold all year, even during the summer average temperature is 14 degrees, and often will not be all that heat 14 degrees, which to them is hot, but then the cold is not so cold as in Canada for example, the cold of Iceland goes to a -10 degrees, rarely is colder than this, this is due to the hot water coming from the Gulf of Mexico, but not so that the sea water is hot, quite the opposite lol.

We went in winter, in January, so we were very very prepared for the cold and rain, since there also rains a lot.

What took the cool clothes to Iceland?

As we live in Barcelona, but before we live in Dublin it was very cold, we already have some clothes that used in the European winter and we take to the ski stations, so it was not necessary to buy so many clothes on this trip, see below the items we carry and gave super right and not feel cold:

  • thermal pants, We take the same we used to go in the ski resorts, We take two per person, Pri used both, yet another snow pants over lol.
  • thermal blouses, we had two each and recommend buying one that has double-sided, you can choose between the hot side or the side “not so hot”. This wore underneath it all.
  • thermal socks in these places is very good to protect your feet, this was an item that had to buy it, the stations do not use, We buy their own for those who do trail on snow and supports up -10 °C.
  • world, is no boot, is good to take those very hot with the inside and if it is waterproof even better, ours was not waterproof and got a little wet because of the snow and rain.
  • Gloves, Another essential thing is the gloves, and good gloves, we took each of two pairs of gloves, a very fine wool and touch the tips is to be able to move on the phone and another over who is stronger lined inside and waterproof, the same that we use for skiing.
  • Gola, a kind of warm collar for the neck, but you can cover up your nose, when we lived in Brazil we did not even know existed this type of clothing, but many people here use during the winter to ride a bike, bike or even walk down the street.
  • Scarf, you put on top of the collar to speak up, a scarf of very thick wool.
  • thick knitted wool, to put above the thermal shirt, as Some Like It Hot.
  • good coat, a good European winter coat, hot and it is a little waterproof, Hooded is the ideal, for the wind and rain since thanks to the wind, umbrella will not do you any good.
  • Trousers, this will be another pants, of course, or above the thermal and there may be a normal pants as jeans, but we indicate these be waterproof pants that is used on the ski slopes, we use this and it was great because as I said Iceland is a country with lots of snow and a few rainy days.
  • Hat warm wool lined well;
  • Ear Protectors, Pri uses a guard ears nice and warm over the cap and enjoy, I no longer use it bothers me.

One thing that did not take but can be very useful are some carnations to put on boots, these nails help a lot to avoid slipping on the ice you can find there, especially if you are walking on glaciers.

Well after we seem some polar bears so much lol clothing, these items we think are basic to not get cold there and well enjoy the trip, We not regret having taken all this because, We use everything and not spend cold, and not spend too much because we bought everything in Decathlon, that is not expensive, but remembering that if you have to buy something there, will spend a lot more money for, Iceland is a very expensive country.

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