Regulamento Espanhol (DGT) para acampar e estacionar motorhome em vias públicas

Spanish regulation (DGT) for camping and parking motorhomes on public roads

September 16, 2021 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Before traveling by motorhome through Spain and Europe, we have to know a lot of things, one of them is the Spanish regulation (DGT) for camping and parking motorhomes on public roads.

DGT is the Spanish acronym for General Directorate of Traffic, is the body that regulates traffic laws in Spain, equivalent to Detran in Brazil.

As we have said in other posts, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany and all over Europe in general, are countries with many tourists who travel with motorhome e, because of the COVID19 pandemic this travel option has become even more popular.

In the European summer, from July to September, it is high season to enjoy the motorhome. The motorhome world continues to grow and there is a high demand among tourists.. With a wide offer that allows you to adapt your concerns and economic possibilities to many pockets, in a clear option to the typical offers of hotels and apartments.

In the summer, and after the horrible blockages and restrictions to the pandemic, holidays or weekends give wings to the population, it's the “Motorhome World” or motorhome is just a special protagonist. Many debates on social networks where we read places to go, Seeing comments of all kinds and varied tips, on many occasions, deceive the new user above all. Everyone has their own experience., we are still new to motorhome travel, We did 2 relatively large, one through the interior of Catalonia and the other was a route between the beach and mountains and, because we are not so experienced, we always read a lot and pay attention to details that cannot be left to chance, nor acquired in an improvised way or victims of interested and biased misinformation.

For almost over two decades, this vehicle has been an important means of leisure and travel., and the user and those who see this way of getting around the world are still not properly informed. The press linked to the camp observed her distracted, and there are many articles that do not match the authentic description of the world of caravans.

If I address the concerns of new motorhome users and many friends started asking several questions after we started traveling like this, I must say that it is convenient to know a little of its history to start this exciting tourist modality. A good start is knowing the differences between motorhome and trailer models (motorhome is a vehicle + a house, with everything in the house) a trailer is just the house, you have to have a car to pull. It's also good to know about the different motorhome models. This link has a lot about what we've already written about motorhome.

In principle, and until now, the mother of these vehicles is in quotes, that is; the trailer!. It does not serve to generalize its name to any other vehicle that belongs to its evolution. It is said ‘in the world of motorhomes’ e, to be exact, would say 'the world of Camping', if we refer to it in the plural.

From the Beatles era to the hippie movement, to fashion tourism

This primitive “home trailer”, or Caravan, stuck to the car is towed by it, was announced in the early years 1960, the era of the Beatles and the youth movement “Make Love Not War”. The hippie generation broke schemes around the world. This social movement innovated from the look of clothes, going through music to live on wheels.

Today is a dream of the privileged. It's fashion tourism. Many fall in love this way to enjoy the road, see the moon or wake up early to see the sun rise, having a different window every day. Drink coffee no field, have lunch on the beach and dinner in town. A more simplistic and wonderful life for many, we are within this “Many”.

that trailer hitch, the articulated vehicle, along with the van decorated with attractive multicolored daisies, was in fashion and marked an era. At first, was attributed to these young liberals, but it took little time to enter the tourist market and find a broader travel market. That's why the “campings”, that were already known with the tents, to the image and military likeness of the time. These lands adapted for parking and overnight stays looked like mushrooms. The vast majority were administered, and keeps going, by private companies.

It is precisely many of these installations that, mistakenly, believe that the Caravan “and thank you” to use your business. And it is not so, a motorhome, and in general the world of camps, you can choose between camping or staying overnight on public roads, depending on user interest. In the same way, many citizens with low education are reluctant to live with these cars, for believing that this is a passing fad or tourism of little public interest, noticing a certain rejection due to ignorance, we saw many stories that this rejection is happening. However, is an interesting commercial support for the sector itself, in principle, empty villages and tourism in general. Contributes to the economy of cities and revitalizes the interest of forgotten populations. These travelers visit companies, restaurants, bares, Offices, stores, gas stations and shopping centers anywhere in our cities. Therefore, it is not only necessary to eliminate the municipal groups of some municipalities that prohibit the hosting of motorhomes, on the contrary, it would be more effective and provide benefits to the interests of all, promoting the attraction of this category tourism, as they do in several European countries of general interest, many municipalities already make spaces to accommodate motorhomes and trailers.

the trailer, motorhome and van adapted to be a house are vehicles that DGT laws manage

The trailer is another vehicle that has to comply with traffic rules. It is allowed to park and sleep in it anywhere (that does not have a sign stating that it is prohibited), but not camping. That is, remove chairs, tables, awnings, etc. In the same way, is required to remain hooked to the towing vehicle. This is the DGT traffic law. Allows you to stay overnight and live inside, as long as the vehicle is parked in a suitable place.

Continuing with trailer progress, later, the incorporation of an engine was planned and the Motorhome was created., which is nothing more than an autonomous truck or trailer with its own traction, as we commented above. Both of them, together with the “camperized” (vans adapted to be a motorhome), belong to the trilogy of home travel with wheels on the road. Regarding the Trailer, Motorhome has advantages, but some disadvantages. First of all, the price of one and the other is quite impressive. The trailer is much cheaper, and also allows you to disengage from the vehicle., make arrangements and visit the surroundings by car only. In its turn, Motorhome is easier to maneuver, especially in parking maneuvers. Otherwise, it's just a matter of adaptation.

Trailer, Motorhome e Vans. All of them must be approved, comply with tax requirements and respect coexistence with other users. Trailer weighing less than 750 kilos is considered a small truck, no more than the Technical Data Sheet of your first inspection is required, while those with greater weight are obliged to other technical conditions and independent insurance.. Motorhomes and Vans must comply with all obligations established by current regulations, equal to a vehicle in its category.

It should be clear that experiencing emotions with the “Motorhome world” depends on the pleasures chosen by each person. Of course, as in all hobbies, the caravan must have some innate qualities, while other skills are developed. The good “Caravaneiro” love the outdoors, independence, freedom and respect for nature.

Many are those who discover this world restoring the nervous system and mental balance, discover landscapes and breathe fresh air. The true lover of camping with the house in tow appreciates “the route, whatever the destination”, you have to take advantage of the road, as well as the goal. Good Trip and Happy Holidays !!

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