Restaurante Mirador de Les Caves

Restaurant Mirador de Les Caves

February 3, 2017 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Want a hint of a tour and a good restaurant nearby Barcelona?

We were once at the Mirador de Les Caves Restaurant, when we were visiting the city of San Sadurni of Anoia, city ​​famous for having many wineries Cava, who are visiting Montserrat is nearby can go there too.
Christian and Priscilla Gutierrez's TurMundial


Sant Sadurní d'Anoia

The restaurant sits high on a mountain near the town and the train station, whoever train have to take a taxi to go to the restaurant, because it is a road, is close but to go walking is bad because the road, and public transport are rare, so we went by taxi and pay 10 euros.

The Mirador de Les Caves is in a beautiful place overlooking vineyards and the Montserrat Mountain, plus restaurant is a space to parties and weddings that should be too.

Mirador de Les Caves

The food is wonderful, we eat a entrecote with fried onions and muniato kind of like vegetable with sweet potato which is very, but very good, makes you want to eat a lot, We ask what it was for the waitress, because we did not know what we were eating and then we find that for a change as everything is very good and fattening, lol the meat was well seasoned and very good too.

Festivals of Cavas

We take two Cavas one before lunch to enjoy the place and another at lunch.

Sunset in wineries


And best of all is that the restaurant is very cheap, about ten 45 euro all, very worthwhile.

See their website.

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