Reykjavík a capital da Espetacular Islândia

Reykjavik the capital of Iceland Spectacular

March 5, 2018 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Reykjavík or Portuguese Reykjavik, the beautiful capital of the spectacular country called Iceland, It is the main city and the most populous country, we were there at the beginning of the year we almost a week and we count here what to do and what are the main attractions of Reykjavik and Iceland.

In today's post we will tell all that we saw the capital Iceland, the city Reykjavik, the largest city and the surroundings it is the most populated area of ​​the country,as a 90% of the population living in this part, the international airport is also in this region and also the main port, so everyone who arrives in the country comes there, there are also the vast majority of hotels in the country and all tour companies are also there.

In we were staying at a Airbnb a town next to the capital, 10Kms to a call Mosfellsbær, this trip we better rent a car and we stayed with him every day, it has many places to visit and tours of tourist agencies are much more expensive, and public transport exists only in the capital.

O que fazer e quais são as principais atrações de Reykjavík

In Reykjavik we passed by there one day and a half that was enough to know its main attractions.

Capital da Islândia

What to do and what are the main attractions in Reykjavik?

On one of the days we spent there we were in the afternoon, and we started our visit to the beautiful Cathedral Reiquiavique to Hallgrímskirkja its construction is very modern and the facade resembles a rocket, but the construction was done in imitation of a rock formation in hexagonal shape that has in some regions of the country, this rock formation also has the Scotland and on northern Ireland where in the latter has known the Giant's Causeway.

Catedral de Reiquiavique a Hallgrímskirkja

Inside is very beautiful and different, the church has a viewpoint where you can see the whole city from the top, to go to the lookout have to pay, not to enter the church, we did not go up to the lookout.

islandia capital

After church we were on the promenade by the sea where they are Opera House Theater of Iceland to Harp and Conference Center, a modern building is super beautiful, with a huge staircases, it's all glass, the city's harbor margins, the building is all lit up at night and should have some shows to be really cool, there has some travel agencies and souvenir shop, They had a very small things lindinhas, but also good guys, like everything in Iceland.

Opera House da Islândia

Harpa Auditório e Centro de Conferência

Por dentro da Harpa Auditório e Centro de Conferência

Beside the Opera is Solfar Sun Voyager, a sculpture that stylize a boat Viking, there is a place where all the tourists go to take pictures, which can disrupt to take your photos, or asking someone to take a picture, as in any tourist place right?

Solfar Sun Voyager

A curiosity of Reykjavík is that there say they have “Best hot dog in the world” (The Town's Best Hot Dogs) and of course I would not forget to try this delight, so we decided to have lunch there, the hot dog is good but, It is not the best in the world, not nearly, but it is one of the cheapest food in the country because as we commented above everything is very expensive there, mainly food and drink, then neither is good comment too much about the price lol, just to give you an idea, we spend uns 30 not to eat KFC euros 2 menus, thing in Spain certainly would not pay more than 15, but back to talk about the hot dog he is on the street Tryggvagata 1 right in the city center, worth knowing, you can choose whether your hot dog comes with fried onions or raw, mustard is half docinha, pretty hot and ketchup.

melhor cachorro quente do mundo na Islândia

Preço caro das bebidas na Islândia

One of the nicest places in the city and we stayed longer was admiring the Lago pond, as winter was was partially frozen, the lake is in the middle of the city and there you see several tourist attractions in Reykjavik such as the Cathedral. The lake has several white swans that make the place even more beautiful and night with the city lights is more beautiful, we got this lake in the late afternoon with the pink sky, it was beautiful, this was our favorite place in town.

Lago Reykjavíkurtjörn

The lake is within the Park Hljómskáli Garden which is another cool spot.

Parque Hljómskálagarður

Vesturbæjarlaug, all this weird name is actually a public swimming pool with thermal water, Iceland has a great volcanic activity in your basement, What it does have a lot of underground hot water coming out to the surface and Icelanders enjoy it to generate power in the country and have several natural pools with piping hot water and they even use every day, even in strong winter country.

Another frequently visited place is the National Museum of Iceland, it is near the lake, but we ended up not going there because, We had stopped the car on the street and we were in doubt whether the site was allowed to stop or had to pay some kind of blue zone, We stopped our tour and returned to the car thanks to God was standing in a place that had no “blue zone”, but in almost all the capital is paid parking.

This was our passage through this beautiful capital, continue to follow our blog, in the coming days will tell more about Iceland. Take a look also at the post on the wonderful Blue Lagoon Iceland, worth checking out our tips this fantastic place.

Reykjavík a capital da Espetacular Islândia

Reykjavík a capital Islândia

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