Roaming e internet de celular nas Ilhas Gregas, cuidado!!!

Roaming and mobile internet in the Greek Islands, watch out!!!

July 21, 2017 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

This text is for the people who will go to the Greek Islands, very careful who you use the cell phone and mobile internet in the Greek Islands, since the carriers charge expensive the cost of these services in the islands, even after roaming law in the European Union have changed, in June this year.

As many of you know, We live in Barcelona in Spain and we have a Spanish mobile operator, and since June we can use the phone normally in any EU country without paying data roaming, For example when we went to France there we can use the mobile internet data as if we were in Spain, without any extra charge, but when we went to Andorra and the Principality of Monaco that are not part of the European Union not, therefore not part, so stay tuned, who is in and who does not.

In early July we did a cruise to visit the Greek Islands out of Athens, through Mykonos, Chalk, Patmos Island, Wheels e Santorini, as we have the phone in Spain and Greece is part of the European Union, we think, cool we have internet and mobile phone on the trip at no extra cost, to see the places that we would, use GPS for rent quads to go on the beaches, etc.

But our luck, before the trip, I do not know why Pri of nowhere began to read some information of our mobile operator here (Orange), and there she found that the roaming of the European Union do not include some islands and shipping and was exactly what we would do, this means that everything we think about using the internet at no cost would awry, but we think, You can not be, Greece're wrong part of the European Union, Pri then suggested we turn to the operator and to confirm.

The next day I called and spoke to a representative, I explained that I would make this trip to the Greek Islands, at the time I said that the guy talked DO NOT USE THE PHONE IN THE GREEK ISLANDS, OR WHILE NAVIGATING, YOU WILL PAY MORE EXPENSIVE THAN PAID FOR CRUISE, I thought Our Lady!! Then he explained that the maritime territory and these islands are not included in this roaming package, and that I should not use the internet and the way of any cell, only in Athens it was Costa.

we think, Vixe and now? But just think, we buy a chip in Athens and use this chip to the trip, because there was no time to buy international phone chip.

The only problem was that on the first day of travel when we arrived in Athens was a Sunday, and all the shops were closed, so we had to buy at the first stop of the ship, in Mykonos Island.

We have done that, as soon as we bought a Vodafone SIM card for 25 euros, with included 3GB, near the port of Mykonos, and we use for the whole journey not to have surprises with mobile bill.

So if you make a trip to the Greek islands, or anywhere else in the world, Buy an international travel chip or buy a chip in the country you will be, so avoid headaches with phone bills.

To buy or chip Travel, they have the best prices and works in several countries, Or the OMeuChip which is very famous, We mainly United States.

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