Roteiro de 10 dias pelo noroeste da Ilha da Sardenha

script 10 days in the northwest of the island of Sardinia

January 20, 2022 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Sardinia is one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean Sea, so it is not possible to do everything in one trip, in this itinerary of 10 days in the northwest of the island of Sardinia, we explored one of the most beautiful regions of this Italian island.

This was the second trip we made to Sardinia, the first one we were in the northeast of Sardinia, in the region of Madalena (Caprera Island, Ilha Giardinelli, Cala Coticcio, Cala Napoletana).

To go to the northwest of the Island of Sardinia, we took the ferry boat which was much cheaper than going by plane and renting a car there, we booked our ferry ticket with cabin on the way plus the motorbike, we went with our motorcycle on this trip 210,00 euros for two people, starting from Barcelona.

Ferry from Barcelona to Porto Torres takes more or less 12 hours, the trip is at night and the return is during the day, on the way we went with a cabin and on the way back we took the cheapest ticket, with the Grimaldi ferry company.

script 10 days in the northwest of the island of Sardinia, Italy

1first day
Ferry from Barcelona to Porto Torres, We boarded around 9pm on a Friday night, are 12 hours of travel, we left around 11pm, we pay 210 euros, our motorcycle included, the tickets and the cabin on the way, since the one-way trip is overnight. The ferries here are like a mini cruise, has almost everything you have on a cruise, but in a small version, they are not like the ferries of Brazil. Beer on the ferry is too expensive, 4,10 euros to Heineken, here almost all passengers bring drinks and food to avoid paying absurd prices, the food is also very expensive, breakfast for example was 12 euros for a hot mix.

Ferry Boat na Europa

This was our first motorcycle trip on a ferry and the first with our motorcycle outside of Spain.. We took the bike because renting a car in Sardinia was very expensive, us 800 euros 8 days, after the pandemic car rental prices exploded.

2first day

first mission, get off the ferry with the motorcycle and almost take a motorcycle ride through a mini city, how big are these ferries. That Grimaldi ferry, it was the biggest we've taken so far.

We arrived in Porto Torres late Saturday morning and went straight to Praia das Salinas which is on the way to La Pelosa beach, where we stayed for 5 days.

Salinas Beach

A Salinas Beach, our first stop is a very beautiful beach with blue Caribbean style sea, it's not a sandy beach, they are white pebbles, the beach is very long with several kiosks and there was one with Brazilian food, which belongs to a super nice Italian who lived for a few years in Brazil, we thought about buying a picanha that was about 17 euros, but when we went to the bar the kitchen was already closed, a very common thing here in europe is that the bars and the kitchen are separate, and normally the kitchens close, the bars don't, here in Spain for example around 16, 17h the kitchens close, different from other places in the world.

Salinas Beach

This beach is very beautiful and it's worth spending the day there..

After spending the afternoon at the beach, we went to our apartment in La Pelosa that we rented with the Booking, it was called Maredentro, Booking also has apartments for rent, a lot of people don't know so we think it's good to let you know, after getting the keys and leaving the bags we went to the supermarket to buy food and drinks for the days we would be there, we always buy our drinks and food in supermarkets because there is no way to eat and drink outside every day, it's too expensive, besides that in Sardinia beer in bars, restaurants, kiosks (cost of 4 a 5 euros the can) it's even in the supermarket it's expensive (of 1 a 2 euros), na Spain we pick up in bars 2 a 2,50 euros on average and in supermarkets around 0,45 euros. On that day we had fresh pasta with a very good Italian sauce at home, to celebrate Pri's birthday, how would she receive many calls from Brazil, We didn't have dinner out that day and left to go on another day to enjoy it better.

Day to go to the most beautiful beach of the trip, one of the prettiest we went to in Sardinia and Italy, a praia de La Pelosa, a lush beach that sits at the end of Sardinia Island in the northwest opposite two other islands, a movie set.

We stayed there all day, the beach is paid, are 3,50 euros per person per day, it's worth paying the amount, has this value because it is a protected beach, and not to be overcrowded, in addition to paying the ticket, you have to take a mat to put on the sand, even if you take a towel, canga etc, the mat has to be underneath, that we don't understand the reason, and if you don't put it on, the beach guards will complain to you, yes they are kinda fresh, in the post that talks only about Praia da Le Pelosa we commented better.

praia de La Pelosa

That day we were very excited to offer to take a photo of a mother with two children who thanked her very much for the photo, that didn't have a picture as cool as the one we took.

On trips we always try to optimize the money and we always go with a thermal backpack with beer, water and food to avoid eating out every day because, as we mentioned above, is expensive, so we save so we can always be traveling. We also have dinner at home so we don't have to spend on dinner..

4first day
As on this trip we were on a motorcycle, we couldn't buy many things at the supermarket because it didn't fit on the bike, so every 3 days we had to go to the supermarket to buy more drinks mainly and food to take to the beach, we got up and we already solved it.

We went on the 4th day, again the Praia de La Pelosa, You have to buy tickets in advance on the website, otherwise you run the risk of not getting in, because the beach has a maximum capacity of 1500 people, we bought in advance for two days.

Praia de La Pelosa, Sardinia

As the sea over there is a pool, no waves, I took the opportunity to do Stand up paddle for the first time, that I've been wanting to do for a few years, even for being the first time I do well, even taking some tumbles.

On these trips we always like to try the local food., a friend of ours from Barcelona who is from there, commented that we should eat bread dripped, a very thin and crispy type of bread or pancake, very good, its addicting, serves as a snack to eat on the beach.

The day before we saw that very close in the our apartment that we rent with the booking, there was a viewpoint to see the sunset that goes down on the opposite side of the beaches, in a region of cliffs, we always look for a place on our trips to see the sunset that we love so much, and wings as always, it is very beautiful to see this wonder of nature.

we came back home, and one more day we had dinner at home, since in the last days of the trip we stayed in a hotel, this one didn't have a kitchen, and there we eat out every day.

5first day
We continue in the region of La Pelosa in the city of Stintino, but not in the city center, very close to the beaches.

we went to Gabbiano Beach, another beautiful beach, it is not as beautiful as the one in La Pelosa but it is beautiful, a beach for those who like to stay at a beach club.

Gabbiano's beach clubs take up the entire sandy front of the beach, we don't like beaches so they don't leave space for those who are going to stay on the sand, so the beach is very explored by bars and clubs, no space for people to put towels and sarongs, and the price for renting sunbeds ranges from 10 a 35 euros the closer to the water the more expensive it is, but even so it's a beach you have to know.

Gabbiano Beach

We were almost on top of the rocks at the end of the beach together with some hippies from Argentina and Italy who sold jewelry and we made friends with them., we used to think that the life of hippies like this was not so good, nowadays we think it's really cool and it must be fun to live in that lifestyle.

We returned before sunset to shower and go to the Restaurante L Andora to finally celebrate Pri's birthday, finally we ate a wonderful seafood risotto, we had already tried to eat risotto in Europe several times and we never found a good one., even in italian restaurants it wasn't good, but this one was worth the wait, very good food and we tried an excellent sparkling wine from the region very good, called Balari.

6first day
We walked through the city to go to Praia Pelosetta, another beautiful beach, which is next to La Pelosa, but this one doesn't pay to enter.

Playa de la Pelosetta is right in front of a small island that has the Torre de la Pelosa., and you can walk across the sea and go to this island, that there's even a beach to stay. But you have to be careful with the hedgehogs., we saw some kids kicking their asses.

Praia Pelosett

We stayed there almost all day., but as we knew that from 18:00 we could enter La Pelosa without paying, We went back there and stayed until sunset, but after 6pm even with sun, because here during the summer the sun goes up to 21:30h, it's not the same as in the morning, because the water is not so blue, so it's worth paying for that reason, even though the beach is much fuller, the water is infinitely more beautiful. And we had dinner at home again that day.

7first day
We change hotel and city, We left La Pelosa for Porto Torres, but we came back the same Salina beach, to eat that steak we were craving for the second day, in addition to being the second most beautiful beach on the trip.

At the Brazilian food kiosk called Kitezone, we pay 55 euros, to eat 2 picanha dishes, with a starter of cheese with tomato and drink, the steak was very good.

We walk to the Torre da Salina, the beach is long.

Salina beach, Sardinia

Near the end of the day we arrived at Porto Towers in time to check in at the Balai hotel Sardinia, go to the supermarket to buy drinks and breakfast, and watch the sunset at the Paralelo kiosk 40 na Praia Beach Acqua Dolci.

Salina beach

As in this hotel there was no food, we do not Scogliolungo Pizzeria Restaurant, good food but expected more from spaghetti with seafood.

Pizzas in Italy and Europe have very different flavors from Brazil, but we had never seen french fries pizza, a margherita pizza with fries on top, they say it's for children, but we saw many adults eating too, we passed lol.

After dinner we went for ice cream, which has a lot of tradition in Italy., that day we experienced the Il Capriccio ice cream parlor it's good and cheap, but it wasn't the best in town.

We stroll through the city's port, which is much busier than La Pelosa and Stintino.

8first day
We spent all day on the beach next to the hotel., a Balai beach, bonita, the most beautiful city, but it doesn't come close to the other beaches we had known.

We didn't see the sunset but we saw the full moon rise.

we ate pizza at Balai kiosk next to the beach, good pizza, but it wasn't the best. We spent the night in the center and tried the ice cream from another ice cream parlor that I couldn't find the name, but the ice cream there is not good.

As there was live music at Pararelo 40, the beach kiosk, we stopped there for one last beer.

9first day
We stayed on the beaches in the center, na Praia Acqua Dolci the same as the first day with sunset, normal beaches, and the day wasn't as beautiful as every other day, it was kind of cloudy.

We took a pizza for lunch, no Il Galeone restaurant and pizzeria which is across the street from the beach, the pizza dough is very good, one of the best we've ever eaten, the best pizza in town. the price that is funny 4,50 euros a good and cheap pizza and 6,00 two coca colas, mega face to drink.

At night we ate pizza again, lunch was the best, Pizzeria & LUNGOMARE sandwich bar, very cheap 3,5 euros a pizza baby.

We have another ice cream, we like it little lol, this time the best in town La Cialda Gelateria, 2,5 euros two balls in the cone.

10first day
homecoming day, 12hs ferry, but it was so much fun, we spent the day at the pool was having a dance festival, it was very cool and lively, but arriving in Barcelona there was a little confusion when leaving the ferry, as had to show COVID passport and COVID form to enter Spain, all cars and motorcycles, and had only 1 person to check out hundreds of cars, poor guy who was checking, must be with your ears ringing to this day with so much horn.

This was our script 10 days in the northwest of the island of Sardinia.

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