Roteiro de 4 ou mais dias em Barcelona

script 4 or more days in Barcelona

January 16, 2017 10 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

script 4 day in Barcelona, what to do in Barcelona, what are the main landmarks of Barcelona?

El Born, an old market town that in its reform and expansion to build a parking, found Roman ruins of ancient time, that the city then made this discovery, a museum. The space was opened recently and while not pay anything to enter, only if you want to tour, are 6,60 EUR per person.

script 4 day in Barcelona

Basilica Santa Maria de Mar for us one of the most beautiful churches in the world to be all stone with huge columns and still has a beautiful view from the tower. Admission is free for those who go in the morning, because of late entry is paid and to climb the tower also pays.

Basilica Santa Maria de Mar

Barcelona's cathedral It is one of the most beautiful cathedrals of Europe and its surroundings (Roman Torres, King Square, Chapel of St. Agatha, Walls of the Plaza de Ramon Berenguer el Gran) which are Roman walls, the ancient aqueducts and narrow streets that lead you to the medieval time. Admission is free for those who go in the morning, because of late entry is paid.

Barcelona's cathedral

La Boqueria market, is the central market of Barcelona excellent to walk around and buy some drinks and food, there beyond the market traders selling fish, meats, fruits, spices and other things has excellent restaurants, We recommend Central Bar which is right as you enter the market, and order a Seafood parrilada coming prawns, squid, seafood, clams, lobster and other sea things, costs 27 euros and gives two people. Enjoy lunch to eat something in the market.

La Boqueria market

Ramblas It is one of the most famous streets in Barcelona and one of the city's symbols, It begins in the square of Catalonia and goes to the Mirador of Christopher Columbus.


Royal Square, one of the largest town squares, with a fountain in the middle and the surrounding buildings, It is a very beautiful place.

Royal Square

Or Mirador de Colon and the Paseo Marítimo, (optional) the Mirador of Christopher Columbus is a statue in honor of the discoverer of the Americas, It is a viewpoint at the top of the statue, side is the the promenade and the Port Vell.

Mirador de Colon and the Paseo Marítimo

In the second day, the square Catalonia, It is going towards the Passeig de Gracia street but chic Barcelona, where is the designer shops and the large store El Cortes English.

Casa Batlló, one of the four most important works of Antoni Gaudí, It is a building with a beautiful facade, It was formerly a house, then he turned several houses and is now a museum, but still you have a person who lives in the building and do not want to get out of there, already offered a lot of money for you, but she will not change there. To visit the museum is paid, the ticket can be purchased here to avoid queues.

Casa Batlló

Casa La Pedrera egg Millá, outra work of Antoni Gaudí, but this is different from the Casa Batlló, It was built entirely by him, today is a museum that tells how the architect was inspired to create his works, the building has a very beautiful terrace, with incredible views of the Passeig de Gràcia (stroll, is a street or avenue that has pedestrian walks in the street). To visit the museum is paid, the ticket can be compradopor here to avoid queues.

Casa La Pedrera egg Millá

Casa Milla

Holy Family, the most famous work of Antoni Gaudí, a church that is still under construction, started in 1900 and will end in 2026 the centenary of his death. The church has four facades that each means a stage of the life of Jesus Christ.

Holy Family

Holy Family

The church looks like a sand castelinho, inside precious is, It has beautiful stained glass that make a color gradient, with sunlight, be sure to go up in one of the towers. To visit the church is paid, the ticket can be purchased here, for evitarfilas.

Holy Family Church

Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

park Guell, Another important work of Antoni Gaudí, a park that has several sculptures and works of the artist, with its famous dragon Barcelona, the hanging garden, the three crosses on top of the park with a beautiful view of the city, and their "bridges" is a place that has to be in your script, most of the park can be visited for free, But a few years ago of the hanging garden and the dragon began to be paid to enter, which left very angry Barcelona population with the city administration. To see this closed part has to buy tickets, click here to buy eevitar queues.

park Guell

park Guell

Camp Nou, come to Barcelona and learn from Barcelona FC football field, You fail to see a game of Barça at least take a tour of their stadium and museum.

Camp Nou

Basilica of Santa Maria del Pi, another beautiful basilica city, located in the El Born district.

Basilica of Santa Maria del Pi

El Born (the Gothic Quarter), get lost in the streets of this neighborhood where every place is a surprise for the eyes, with many Roman remains (see the post on the Roman script Barcelona).

El Born (the Gothic Quarter)

the Picasso Museum, the biggest and best Picasso museum Genius, in Spain there are several museums on the Spanish artist, only the best of them is in Barcelona, get ready to catch a row, because there usually has rows.

the Picasso Museum

Bairro Raval and Sant Pau del Camp, the Raval as well as the Gothic are the districts of the old city of Barcelona, very worthwhile walk them.

Gardens Rubio i Lluch and Antigo Hospital in the Raval also has a very beautiful place that garden inside an old hospital building is very beautiful and refers to the ancient times of Barcelona.

Bairro Raval and Sant Pau del Camp

Barcelona beaches leave time to go to Barceloneta Beach and stroll along the beach promenade, if you are more uninhibited make a less top or even get naked, in Barcelona in the range of the beach is allowed.

Barcelona beaches

Third day
Arena 3, ancient square of converted bullfight in shopping, the old structure was preserved, in place of the top you have a beautiful view of the city and has several restaurants in this big open terrace, a great choice for dinner there.

Arena 3

Square Spain, where is the Arena 3 It has a fountain in the middle of the square, a beautiful place.

Square Spain

Magic fountain, is a lighted fountain with music, It is a very beautiful sight, this place has beautiful things around, well just look at the time and the day to go for, depends on the time of year the source links later or earlier, during the week or just weekend, see this site opening hours.

Magic fountain

Magic fountain

National Palace and Museum of Catalonia, a beautiful building on the outside and very beautiful inside also, the night is also illuminated, leaving the magic fountain that is in front of him, even more beautiful.

National Palace and Museum of Catalonia

National Palace and Museum of Catalonia

people Inglês, a place that shows how the Spanish lived years ago.

Olympic park the olympics 1992, They are close to the attractions described above, it is inside a giant park on the mountain, there are Communications Tower, O Olympic Stadium occurred where the opening and closing of the Olympics, It was that opening the Spaniard with a bow and arrow tried to hit the Olympic flame and missed the mark, there is also the Palace St. George, where they were made the swimming competitions and today is a place for concerts and events.

Olympic Park olympics 1992

Olympic Park olympics 1992

Castelo de Montjuïc, on the mountain where the Olympic Park is the Castle of the seventeenth century, with its imposing walls, in the summer it takes place the film festival in the city and there are designed some movies ( the festival called cine outdoors, another place that has projections is on the beach of Barceloneta.

Castelo de Montjuïc

Joan Miró Foundation, museum dedicated to the works of Joan Miró.

Joan Miro Park, one of the new city parks, It is next to the Arena 3.

Bogatell Beach, the best beach in the urban area of ​​Barcelona, taking a break, know this beach and lunch or dinner at one of xiringuitos (the famous kiosks).

Bogatell Beach

With four days or more you can make your city of Barcelona as a base to visit other cities and we suggest the following:

Girona medieval city walled, great place to see this kind of town, is more or even 1h30 from Barcelona, You can drive, train and bus probably cheaper option. (Here's the post about the city)


Tarragona, Roman city still many monuments of that time, worth mentioning the Roman amphitheater in front of the beach. (Here's the post about the city)


Tossa de Mar, one of the most beautiful cities of the coast of Catalonia, known as the Costa Brava, is about two hours drive, It has a castle and a wonderful beaches. (Here's the post about the city)

Tossa de Mar

Cadaqués, Also on the coast, It has its charms. (Here's the post about the city)


At night we suggest going to some good bars and restaurants of Ramblas, but stretch in the evening, go to one of the nightclubs: Opium Mar, Pacha, Shoko, Apolo, Razzmatazz or Sutton, depending on the day and time of year is best to go for one or the other, eg Thursday is good to Sutton and weekend and Wednesday Opium Mar, just be careful how you will dress, because these houses are half fresh, only let in people dressed, eg for men is mandatory shirt and shoe.

Opium Mar

Some bars indicate is Black sheep, Champanheria, Black cat and 100 Montaditos.


There are some hotels with gorgeous terraces to take something or maybe dinner, They are not cheap places, but worth it. (see the post on the Barcelona terraces).


If staying less time in the city, also read the scripts of one, two e three days for sightseeing in Barcelona.Follow the hashtag #moradorturista in major social networks and discover new places with our over 1000 bloggers.

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