Roteiro de carro pela Irlanda do Norte e Norte da Irlanda

Script by car Northern Ireland and Northern Ireland

April 25, 2016 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

As you know we are living in Ireland, na capital of Ireland is Dublin, and we made a trip to Northern Ireland.

Late one summer week here decided rent a car, and walk by northern Ireland and the Northern Ireland.

O will rent a car here is very cheap, we pay 12 Euro per day and more 28 for sure, such insurance is cheaper is not the full insurance.

Before talking to a little script I will tell how was the feeling of driving the English hand, and quite different mainly do conversions right, entering roundabouts here has thousands of them on the roads, and change the car in gear with the left hand it is very difficult, sometimes instead of putting the first I put the third, other times instead of putting the fifth gear I put the 3, but overall it was quiet, taking three times that almost went in hand against, one of them gave almost head-on with a bus, but for those who drove 1100 Km was all very calm.

Thing you should be careful, the roads may have toll and here the collection can is different from Brazil and other countries, on a road to the M50 toll is paid at the next station you pass the place or you pay for a site, a known not paid the toll and the company charged an administrative fee of 15 euros more expensive than the daily car, the company that rented the car Dollar had a kind of nonstop is we did not have this risk, other tolls you can pass like a nonstop, or an automated booth which only accepts coins (the toll we pay sometimes was 1,90 euros) or a listener having an.

Our script 3 days had as Dublin output, a stop to sleep in Belfast capital northern Ireland, and another stop to sleep in Donegal town which is in Northern Ireland in the east, between walks to every town we stopped at several sights that were:

It is a tomb of an archaeological site in Ireland, one of the most famous prehistoric sites in the world and the most famous of Ireland, construction is 3.200 AC, It is older than the pyramids of Egypt and Stonehenge in England. It was built so that, at sunrise the shortest day of the year (Solstice invermo), a thin beam of sunlight illuminates briefly the poso camera, only to see it have to participate in a draw, how I saw the moment of it self contained, over a normal day.

The place is very beautiful and for those who like history is a very important stopping point, nois recommend it highly to know the place. To visit there you should go first in the visitor center, to buy the ticket, if you want you can leave the car there and go by bus (3 Km) but the departure time on the bus, our had to wait for almost 1 time to do the tour, only after we learned that we could drive up there.

Darver Castle
Castle twelfth century, today converted into a place to make wedding parties and a restaurant, the place is beautiful with a garden also very beautiful. This also recommend.

Narrow Water Castle e House Tower
This stop you will already be in Northern Ireland, Tower House visit is free, the tower stands on the banks of the river that flows into the sea in front of Narrow Water Castle, sixteenth-century castle, also renovated and now used for party and wedding, to visit out gain nothing, also we advise to visit.

Tollymore Forest Park
This park was the setting for the Game of Thrones series, as we did not have much time to visit only took a walk in the park, We do not seek the location filming. The park is beautiful and has a place to camp. This is a much more not as hotspot.

Game of Thrones Tour Winterfell Set
As the name of that place was also the setting for the filming of the series Game of Thrones, however could not close using waze, because Waze took us to a road that had a gate to enter had to turn around and give up the place, if you wanted to know suggest more research on the site or take a tour that makes this script.

As I said above that was the stopping point of the first day, We sleep in bed & Breakfest, cute good, called XXX, we rented by Booking, we already there in the late afternoon at around 18pm, we checked in and went to meet the city, We went to the Titanic Museum, The Titanic was built in Belfast it is there is a very beautiful museum in honor of the ship and the tragedy, as we arrived late in the city only we know the museum out, It is pretty much the same, the thought of going the next day to know the museum inside more just not going, because the price is expensive and in Pounds.

After the museum we went to the Parliament of Northern Ireland, which is inside a park, the building is very beautiful, as at this time of night there was a true afternoon we drive the Mc Donalds and a supermarket and went to the hotel to eat and sleep because the next day would be long.

Logo on the next day early morning we know the gates that divide the capital, these gates divide the Catholic neighborhood of Protestant neighborhood, Protestant side air of the city is a bit heavy, the streets are a little dirty and very strange, there is also the peace wall, place with several paintings on this war, very cool pass through this point as historical output.

After there we think of passing a Castle near the park where the parliament is more waze took us couple elsewhere and gave up to go there (the waze how to use mobile account only data we used to have entered the path after desligávamos data roming, We not rented a GPS because it was more expensive to rent the car for 3 days).

Carrickfergus Castle
Returning to the road, Our first stop of the second day was the Carrickfergus Castle, castle of the same name of the city built in the twelfth century, It is the ocean shores, the castle is beautiful and the city also, It is a good place to visit.

City used for the filming of Game of Thrones series, It is very cute and wee, kind of hard to find, for those who like a lot of series, worth going.

Murlough Bay
Same as above was also the site of the filming of the series.

Carrick-a-Rede Rope Brigde
One of the main attractions of Northern Ireland is a suspension bridge that connects the island to a small island the sea here is very beautiful, and the site of the cliffs are also beautiful, super recommended.

Ballintoy Harbor
It was also the filming location series Game of Thrones, as we were afraid we not see the main things of the day, we decided not to go there, and the decision was excellent.

The Dark Hedges
One of the main locations of the filming of Game of Thrones, and a small road with beautiful trees in the local banks is very beautiful, especially for lovers of the series, movement is very, with many people going by car and bus to the site, it may be that your photos are not so good because of it.

Giant´s Causeway (Sidewalks Giants)

The main tourist attraction in the Northern Ireland, the Giant's Causeway are formations octagonal stones that seems impossible that nature did it, because I came up the legends of giants who have built the site, to get up to Escosia and fight another giant, o local e D+, very very beautiful, it pays to make the visit, more COMPESA much to visit the history of the legend, do not let go is a must.

Dunluce Castle
The most beautiful ride Castle, it is in ruins more is beautiful, the location that is the construction and, he sits on the edge of the cliffs and is very beautiful, you can meet outside or inside recommend the two. The Castle is the twelfth century it was also the setting for the Game of Thrones series, worth much apena COMECER.

Downhill Beachhouse
Beautiful medieval building, It has a part of gardens and the main part is a kind of lighthouse tower, which is on the cliff and under him at sea level has a tunnel where trains goes up today, and is situated in a very beautiful part, also worth begins.

After nearly 12 hours of output Belfast and many stops, we arrived at the next stop for sleep, We arrived in the city there by 9 of the night, as well as in Belfast we stayed in a Bed & Breakfest we rented by Booking, the small inn is pretty much the owner is super nice breakfast and excellent, great location.

The city is very beautiful, It has a castle called Donegal also very beautiful and the day we were there was for free, We met her the next day more after going there we went on Slieve League Cliff, by indicating the owner of the Inn, because we had taken there in the script the other day, glad we did there, see below about the place.

The Castle is within the city, It is very beautiful, also has a small church of the cool side, the city is also pretty cool, there is quite cold and is one of the places to see Aurora Borealis in winter, maybe we got back there to see the natural phenomenon.


We had lunch in front of Donegal bay, the visit is very pretty restaurant food not so much, It was good more could be better, even without a salmon dish.

Glenveagh Naticional Park
It was far from Donegal is just not going.

Slieve League Cliff
wonderful Cliff, glad we did know, thanks to the hostel owner tips, the site to drive to a very high point, there has several trails to, nois only go up to a first stage and has been a great visit, there has several walking lambs, highly recommended to go there.

Streedagh Point (Beach)
It is a beach with waves, one of the few with waves in Ireland, the day was very ugly and did not yield to well see the site, and for those who have wonderful beaches the place is not very beautiful, if you want to see the sea cool but not go.

Parke´s Castle
Beautiful castle in the lakeside, He was also free to visit, It is a castle that was built over another, the current castle is the seventeenth century, worth knowing, more and difficult to access, It is in the middle of nowhere, with very narrow roads. We rather liked.

Cloughouhter Castle
We ended up not going because we were already tired of the thousands stops, let go again.

Trim Castle
The same as above. But we went on another trip see the post here on the castle.

Summing up the trip, It was wonderful start beautiful places, super recommend the screenplay and were do for exercusão will be much more expensive than going by car, and to drive was quite tasty.

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