Roteiro de Motorhome por la Plata

Script by Silver Motorhome

July 13, 2021 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

A Via da Prata, one of the oldest, It is the Roman road through the north of the peninsula south – or from south to north as you prefer – to transport goods and, mainly, the metal which it is named. Of Gijón a Seville, through Asturias, Castilla y León, Extremadura and Andalusia and a route of more than 800 km, You can find all the cities and towns that cross this centuries-old route

Taking as a reference Gijón, you might consider traveling sleeping in different cities through which passes. It is the longest route of all, is pleased to each of the past days in each place. We propose, So, the different service areas where you can rest and leave the motorhome destined to continue the journey.

I Gijón, the most expensive car for motorhomes users is El Rinconín: free and close to the beach. Besides that, area is available from El Arbeyal, free and nearby services: restaurants, stores and gas stations, as well as picnic tables to sit and eat.

in León, we found two different areas. First, the Ribaseca, that is paid (near 15 euros per night), but with wifi, electricity and water exchange included in the price. Second, or León, where only 9 Places are free and the rest is paid in accordance with the occupation time.

Zamora there are also two, free and with similar characteristics: Entrepuentes the area and Valorio Area.

Already in Extremadura, Caceres, there just Valhondo area, which is free, but with the disadvantage that you can only park for a maximum 24 hours.

Finally, Sevilla, there are four different areas and parking, but they are all paid. These are the parking lots at Santa Justa station (the price varies according to vehicle size and does not include services), or estacionamento Races (near 10 € per night and includes water exchange), the Caravane parking (near 12 euros with included water exchange) and motorhome area in Seville (also about 12 euros, with water and electricity change included in the price).