Roteiro pela Bósnia e Herzegovina

Screenplay by Bosnia and Herzegovina

May 16, 2019 20 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Here we will tell our screenplay by Bosnia and Herzegovina, we were there to visit the center and south of the country, did a script starting with Dubrovnik, Croatia, We passed by Bosnia and in the end we went to Montenegro.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a very young country, still sounds like territory in conflict, but the Bosnian war occurred in the nineties of the last century, It lasted two and a half years and ended in December 1995. that said, the surprise is to find a beautiful Balkan country including: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, the self-proclaimed independent Kosovo, a portion of Turkey on the European continent (and Thrace), and sometimes, Croatia, Romania, Slovenia and Austria. The term derives from the Balkans Turkish word for mountain and refers to the Balkan Mountain Ranges. Bosnia is the purest, a land of harsh beauty that preserves the scars of civil war, but now it offers an interesting mix of cultures and a spontaneous hospitality to its visitors, which are not yet many. That's why you need to go as quickly as possible, it is a cheap country, little explored and many tourist attractions.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnians often describe their country as a “Earth heart shaped”. Over the centuries, this rugged territory, in the center of the Balkans, It has been the scene of an intense fusion of people, traditions and cultures, which contradicts the ethnic conflict of the years 90. The country's main attractions is the old town of Sarajevo and Mostar, where the restored historic buildings serve as a counterpoint to its stylish bars and cafes. In the rest of the country, the architectural complexes of the socialist period when Bosnia was part of Iusgoslávia are like blurs in a predominantly rural landscape. Many small towns of Bosnia unfold around medieval castles, surrounded by upland with canyons or waterfalls. And to complete the picture, there are few places in Europe that offer better conditions for rafting or skiing in places accessible little spending.

Knowing all this in Bosnia, We visit the city Trebinje, Stolac, Mostar, the most famous, Blagaj e, the capital Sarajevo. See in each link up a little more of each of the beautiful places we visited in Bosnia.

Trebinje on Escócia

Stolac, a city marked by the war in Bosnia

Mostar and its amazing Roman bridge

Blagaj a mystical place in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sarajevo City Hall

O screenplay by Bosnia and Herzegovina They were three days, but could be more, because not visited the northern parts, part of ponds like those of Plitvice National Park Plitvice Lakes ou , Croatia, wonderful crystal clear lakes.

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