Roteiro pela Bulgária

Screenplay by Bulgaria

January 7, 2020 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Our suggestion screenplay by Bulgaria, east European country that is part of the Balkans, It was a socialist and country 2007 It joined the European Union.

Bulgaria is a country unexplored by tourists traveling through Europe, perhaps its past socialist, when at that time the country was tightly closed to tourism, but this should be changed in view of tourists as, the country is beautiful and one of the cheapest to travel in Europe, just because it is cheap glitzy already, But not only that, is a country with very ancient towns, It is some of the oldest in Europe, as the city of Veliko Tarnovo which was the capital of the country and the pearl of the Black Sea, the city of Nessebar, also known as Dubrovnik Black Sea.

After becoming a member of the European Union the country has returned to growth with the money input and, from there the roads improved, They were built summer spas and resorts, especially in beach cities of Sunny Beach and Golden Sands, considered towns of holidays for young people, to be compared with Ibiza.

TurMundial in Sofia

After 5 days in Bulgaria, we made this script with rental car with rentcars, where we took the Sofia airport, the main airport in the country, we 2 nights in Sofia, one morning in Plovdiv, an afternoon in Nessebar, 2 nights in Sunny Beach where we paid 20 euros to stay in a wonderful resort called Cascadas Family, in Golden Sands we 1 night in Hotel Erma, Albena and Veliko Tarnovo only stayed in the morning.

On that same trip we stayed other 5 days in Romania, where we made a car script by Romania, we tell in this post.

Bran Castle Transylvania

The currency of Bulgaria is not the euro, Bulgarian Lev is worth roughly half the value of the Euro, and this makes it a very cheap country to stay, comer, drink and travel.

The country roads, those that are very good and drove without toll, only you have to pay a road tax that is paid along with the car rental, there has roads so good that the limit is 130 km, the road linking the capital to the coast.

The people are very kind, and we had no problem although many do not speak English very well, but we make do super well.

Screenplay by Bulgaria


The beautiful capital of the country is amazing live peacefully where the three major religions of the world (Roman Catholic / Orthodox, Jews and Muslims) so much so that in a radius of 100 meters has a mosque, a synagogue and a cathedral. Its main tourist attraction is Alexander's Cathedral. Get full post on Sofia.

Sofia - Cathedral of St. Aleksandar Nevski


One of the oldest cities in Europe and Bulgaria, Roman and Moorish ruins, plus Byzantine traits. Its main attraction are the Roman ruins. Get full post on Plovdiv.



The Pearl of the Black Sea, Nessebar, It is an ancient medieval town, all enclosed, in the country's coast. Its attraction is the city as a whole, every corner is beautiful, with wonderful buildings. Get full post on Nessebar.


Sunny Beach

Resort town with many resorts to stay with family or friends, since the city is very popular among their beach clubs. Get full post on Sunny Beach.

Sunny Beach Beach

Golden Sands

Just as Sunny Beach, Golden Sands attracts people who want to party and beach. Get full post on Golden Sands.

Beach Golden Sands


City condominium in front of the sea, great place to rest on its beautiful beaches. Get full post on Albena.


Veliko Tarnovo

The ancient capital of Bulgaria has an ancient town where the palaces are, churches and houses surrounded by high walls on top of a hill, movie set. Get full post on Veliko Tarnovo.

Veliko Tarnovo

This was our roadmap for Bulgaria, We hope we have helped you in your visit to this beautiful country.

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