Roteiro pela Croácia, Bósnia e Montenegro

Script by Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro

August 26, 2019 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

These three Balkan countries worth a visit, here we will count our script by Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro, that in addition to beautiful, They are very cheap and is still a good time to meet before they see fashion and are taken by tourism. A Croatia between the 3 It is the one that has tourists.

A Croatia is a country with an incredibly beautiful coastline, Moreover inside the country is the capital Zagreb and one of the world's most beautiful lakes in the Lake Plitvice.

Na Bosnia and Herzegovina, a country marked by a war in the years 90, It has a lot of culture and impressive places like Mostar, Blajag and Sarajevo capital which has a lot of history, including World War I.

Montenegro with a coastline that combines beautiful beaches with medieval stories, as the cities of Kotor and Budva, Furthermore it has monasteries inside the country as the Ostrog monastery embedded in the mountain rocks.

Which cities to visit on a map by Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro?

The route through the Balkans can be started in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia and Dubrovnik on the coast of Croatia, get through these points is very good because these two cities have large airports with cheap flights arriving from various European cities.

If you know for Zagreb, It should stay in town just one day, the capital has so many tourist attractions, from there go to the Plitvice National Park Plitvice Lakes ou, this script made by car, because the train or bus transportation are not very good and the distances are long.

Plitvice Lakes National Park or Plitvice Lakes - Croatia

Plitvice pass an entire day, it is not necessary to stay there, at the end of the day go to the coast and stay in Split, a beautiful city that from there you can go to several islands of Croatia, as Hvar, is the island that the Croats call Adriatic Sea Ibiza.


The coast of Croatia is very extensive, this script we were only on the beaches and towns of the south coast, not spent in Pula and Zadar, other beautiful coastal cities of the country.

After Split stayed and stayed a few days in the most beautiful medieval city and preserved in Europe, the city of Dubrovnik, if you like places that recall medieval times, stay inside the wall, you will have a city that is wonderful and beaches with crystal clear water.


Dubrovnik climbed, exchange country and entered the Bosnia and Herzegovina, It is very close to the border with Croatia, visit cities like Trebinje e Stolac to meet some of the country's culture, stay for a few days Mostar the most famous city in the country for its beautiful medieval Roman bridge.


The path between Mostar and Sarajevo, know the city of Blagaj, where nature has created an underground river that comes out of a mountain making a beautiful blue river.

Blagaj a mystical place in Bosnia and Herzegovina

In Bosnia be sure to visit Sarajevo, the capital, with its impressive history, which was the trigger for the start of the First World War, and is also a city marked by the war of independence of Bósnia.Você see bullet marks on most of the buildings you pass by Bosnia, yet are beautiful cities.

Sarajevo, a city marked by wars

Again crossing the border, only now between Bosnia and Montenegro towards Podgorica, visit Monastery of Ostrog which is embedded in the top of a mountain, a place of great peace and pilgrims, the day we went it was very quiet.

Monastery of Ostrog, the monastery which is embedded in the mountain

Podgorica It is the simplest capital between the three countries, We not like a lot there, but always we say that this was our impression, but we think everything worth knowing, to each have their own impression.

Things to Do in Podgorica: a capital of Montenegro

Already in Montenegro coastline we made based on three cities to meet almost all the beaches, or best beaches in Montenegro.

The best beaches in Montenegro

We stayed in Bar, on the south coast.


In Budva in the center of the coast, a beautiful medieval town, which has many beautiful beaches around like Sveti Stefan e Ploce.

Sveti Stefan, beaches and the old medieval city of Montenegro

Our last stop was in Montenegro in the Bay of Dirty, other medieval coastal gem that is worth getting a 3 days.

Kotor the most beautiful medieval town of Montenegro

We returned to Croatia and returned the car in Dubrovnik, where we took the plane back.

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