Roteiro pela Lituânia, 4 dias pela capital e interior

Screenplay by Lithuania, 4 days the capital and countryside

July 27, 2021 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Our screenplay by Lithuania, one of the three Baltic countries that split from the Soviet Union, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, make a very desirable destination for those who want to discover new corners of the old continent, they are in northeast europe, bordering the Russia overland and on the other side is the Baltic Sea.

A Lithuania is ideal for travelers like us who are looking for new destinations in Europe outside the traditional, a more relaxed tourism, enjoying nature and the charms of Vilnius, one capital amounting to modernity from the tradition of roots

The country is very cheap to travel, host, eat and walk, it's very cheap because it's an unknown country, there we pay half the prices we pay in hotels like Spain, Italy, France e Germany, so it was with the food.

The inheritance of this Baltic (Lithuania, Latvia e Estonia), with its commercial past of the Hanseatic League, allowed to develop during the Middle Ages a fluid contact that was from Russia to the United Kingdom. For this proximity to Russia, the country has a different and very rich culture.

Lithuania's entry into the European Union and the Schengen free movement agreement opened the door for economic growth with the euro as a currency and, mainly, tourism, an increasingly important base, but still with plenty.

Thanks to cheap air links with many parts of the rest of Europe, Lithuania is very affordable, offering the opportunity to visit beautiful cities on a getaway or to spend a few weeks getting to know the country in depth and its neighbors Estonia and Lithuania, thing we did in a tour through the three countries in the Baltics, beyond screenplay by Lithuania.

Hospitable to travelers, and even more so with the Latin, Lithuanians connect with those who know their country, inviting us to participate in their festivals and traditions, that happen in the spring and summer season, in winter the country is very cold and it snows a lot there, so it's better to go in late spring and summer.

But winter creates a magical image with snow, spring and summer, with its most pleasant weather, They make the terraces and restaurants flourish, it was at that time we made our script and how we did it all by rental car, We did not want to hit the road with snow.

The cultural life and the night life of Vilnius surprised us.

What to see in Lithuania?

as we speak, Lithuania's affordable prices continue to help the country grow as a Baltic holiday destination. Lithuania is a country that, when you spend more time devoting to know, small places appear unknown to the general public, and it becomes a very pleasant trip. In addition to the historical center of Vilnius, Kaunas architecture worth a trip to Trakai, Siauliai, Column das Cruzes, Panevėžys and Klaipėda the last one was the only one who didn't have time to meet.

What to see in Lithuania?

Our map Lithuania, 4 days the capital and countryside


Vilnius the capital of Lithuania, has its charm is preceded by the UNESCO World Heritage distinction. The historic center of Vilnius – called Eastern Rome for its baroque complex and with a large number of churches – roofs and the apparent brick red. The city has many attractions to know.

Our script started there, where we stayed for two whole days o first day and the last day.



No second day, we left Vilnius early and went to Trakai where we spent the morning. Inside Lake Galve, Trakai Castle has what could be a scene from a fairy tale. The pointed roofs of the medieval fortress protrude above the surrounding forests, contrasting with its red color, and the blue of the lake.

The Castle is an island in the middle of the lake.

Trakai Castle, Lithuania


Kaunas the ancient capital of Lithuania's second largest city of the country is now a very lively city, marked by the figure of the round tower of the castle, the Gothic cathedral and the neobizantina church of St. Michael the Archangel, Russian reminiscent, that makes up a mosaic of centuries of influences. Besides all this is a city with many students from all European countries.

We stayed there during the afternoon of the second day of our itinerary..

Things to Do in Kaunas, second largest city in Lithuania

Siauliai and the Hill of Crosses

Siauliai is famous for Colina das Cruzes, a small hill where long ago people were putting crosses, which increased at the time after World War II where the country was part of the Soviet Union, put crosses there started to be a form of protest.

We arrived there at the end of the second day and walked on the third day.

As we speak, this tour through Lithuania is part of a larger tour that we did for the three Baltic countries, so from the afternoon of the third day until the ninth day we were in Latvia and Estonia.

Things to do in Siauliai in Lithuania


Already back in ninth day to Lithuania in the morning, we know the charming city of Panevezys, and its lake, which is the main attraction of the city.

In the afternoon of that day we returned to Vilnius to spend the afternoon and evening where we went to see what we missed on the first day.



A city that did not yield to include in our itinerary, Klaipėda is a city on the coast of Lithuania, the most important city on the coast, maybe one day we returned to meet.

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