Roteiro pela Transilvânia, a famosa terra do Drácula, na Romênia

Screenplay by Transylvania, the famous land of Dracula, in Romania

October 30, 2019 3 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Screenplay by Transylvania, a mountainous region in the center of the country, with beautiful landscapes known for its castles, forts of medieval times, winding roads and clear, for being the famous land of Dracula, for there is the castle of Bran where Prince Vlad Tepes lived, also known as “or Impaler” who inspired the Dracula legend.

Our screenplay by Transylvania it lasted 3 days and know 4 cities Sinaia, rasnov, Brasov e Bran, We did this trip by rental car with RentCars We got a good rental price. Besides the Transylvania We were also to the coast of Romania, a capital, Bucharest and also to the Bulgaria, standing next Romania, we ran almost 2.000 km in 10 days in total.

as these 4 cities are next to each other, we base the city of Brasov, a city with more structure than others and more hotel choices, we were in Casa Tepes, excellent hotel, very cheap, near downtown, super clean, good bed, shower, Wi Fi, minibar, TV and parking included, very important in those cities where it is very difficult to park.

TurMundial in Sinaia

On the first day of the script went out of Mamaia on the coast of Romania, and went toward Sinaia, We stayed one morning in the city, then we went to see his Rasnov fortified ancient city that became a stronghold, then we visited Brasov and end already on the road going to Bucharest, capital of Romania, We passed by Bran.

We recommend it highly to know this part of the country, it's the most beautiful, of course as we know the cool thing is more cities, but if you do not have time to make a greater script, choose the region of Transylvania.

Which cities meet on a script by Transylvania in Romania?


The city of the most beautiful castles in Romania, moreover it is one of the most charming of the country, there you will have to know the 3 city ​​castles, the most important and well known is the beautiful Peles Castle other castles are: Stirbey e Pelisor.

Peles Castle


A city with great historical importance and defense of the region due to its fortified ancient citadel, which was defeated only once in its history due to lack of water, in all other attempts Rasnov fortress resisted the invasion and saved her people living in nearby villages.

Attractions Rasnov, in Romania


The largest city in this region, with many tourist attractions to visit and the city base to meet other, also has a beautiful square in the old center with many restaurants and bars delicious and cheap.

Central plaza (Square)



Perhaps the city and the most famous castle in Romania and Transylvania, Bran is known for there is the Bran Castle or “Dracula's Castle”, as we said at the beginning of the post he lived Prince Vlad Tepes known as the Impaler which the Irish writer Bram Stoker created the super famous legend of Dracula.

Bran Castle Transylvania

Other beautiful and famous cities of the region not visited for lack of time were: Sibiu, Sighisoara, Cluj-Napoca , if you have more time than we, You can include in your script by Transylvania in Romania.

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