Roteiro pela Tunísia, saiba o que fazer no país

Screenplay by Tunisia, know what to do in the country

August 13, 2018 35 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

What to do in Tunisia? Here in this post we will count our detail screenplay by Tunisia we did this May, few people know, but very worth knowing.

Tunisia is a country that is in North Africa, border with Algeria and Libya, is a country with a population of Arab origin and Muslim religion, since 2012 is a country ruled by a president elected by the people, before was a dictatorship like in every country in North Africa, but in 2012 the population revolted with the dictator and began the movement of the Arab Spring, who then took some dictators from power, there was the first country and then came: Egypt, Libya, Syria and other, but what has been more certain in Tunisia.

It is a little known country of Brazil, perhaps for lack of knowledge of their natural tourist attractions and antiquities manmade, and also because they think the country can be violent or dangerous, we find the country safe, we traveled over 2.000 Km and not spent for any problems, We find the right roads safe and with enough police on the roads and towns also, the people are very honest and hospitable, finally we had no problem.

We were there for an idea that we had to travel to a warmer country in early spring because, here in Barcelona It was still a little cold, and we are always looking for new countries and cities to meet, We do not like to repeat places I've ever visited.

O que fazer na Tunísia

When we started planning the trip to Tunisia, We started as always researching the country and always look different tourism blogs, as well as our and other travel sites, but we found very little information, we saw that they had some things to know in the capital, Tunes and its surroundings, as the ancient city of Cartago I shared with Rome the sovereignty of the Mediterranean Sea, but after several battles the Carthaginians lost to the Roman Empire and the city just invaded. After the invasion was a mixture of Roman temples and ruins from the time of Carthage, during the research had also seen the coast of Tunisia had many beautiful beaches and resorts in the regions of Hammamet and Jerba.

With this information in mind we made a roadmap to meet these places, We bought the tickets and booked hotels with booking, only spent a few days and found they had a lot more to do there, like visiting the Roman Amphitheater in El Jem the third best preserved in the world, but what really caught our attention were the Oasis in the Sahara desert, we crazy with the possibility to see this wonder of nature, but with little information we think the Chebika oasis was near the town of Hammamet (one of the cities that we stayed) when you search for Chebika, Google Maps shows you a town called Chebika and not the Oasis, it is right to seek national park Chebika, which is far from the hotel we stayed at in Hammamet and is also far from Tunis, another city that also stayed.

Tunisia what to visit

So we made a complete change in plans (so that in most hotels booking has free cancellation) and started the great search for a company that made the trip to the desert and other attractions we wanted to visit (We will count down), after much search, luckily we saw that many Portuguese and Spaniards were this script with VJT and found a contact from a Tunisian guide the Ghassen is +216 23 404 841 (Whatsapp) a Tunisian who speaks more than 5 Languages, one of them is Portuguese, he loves to talk Portuguese and Spanish, our initial contact was by Whatsapp, We seek after both managed to make the script by Tunisia and it was great, we recommend.

Screenplay by Tunisia what to visit

1Yasmine Hammamet ° day, we got a flight early on that left Barcelona, connection made in Rome, the main airport of Tunisia is Tunis, from there we took a shuttle we had booked through the internet with the company, she does this service in several countries, It was the first time we took and enjoyed, It was very cheap by distance, 70km from the airport to Hammamet just came out 20 we euros 2, in a van with air conditioning. The links you will find more information about each place, for the post not be huge and tiring lol.

Yasmine Hammamet

Yasmine Hammamet It is a town beach Hammamet which is only an hour from Tunis, We arrived at the hotel IberoStar Averroes at lunch that was also included in the rates, we took the all inclusive package (food and drink included in rate) this region of the country has a lot of very good and cheap resorts, many Europeans will go there to vacation.

IberoStar Averroes

That day we were enjoying the beach front resort with hot it was.

2Yasmine Hammamet ° day, as a long time since we were not going to a resort we were there enjoying the pool and the other hotel attractions.

3Th day in the afternoon we walk other things Yasmine Hammamet, We went to new Medina, then to the city marina, to Carthage Park and strolled the beach.

Yasmine Hammamet, fomos até a nova Medina

parque Cartago

4Th Day The weather was not so good to stay in the hotel pool, so we know the city of Hammamet old medina and the walled city, a ride that super recommend it, the place is very beautiful and you can know a little more of the country's culture.

Hammamet a antiga medina e a cidade murada

5DAY started early beeem with the tour contracted by 2 days, (that we talked about earlier in the post) or hotel, food and tours were included in these 2 days, the tour was hired to do all the center of the country and the Sahara desert, on that day the first stop was in the city of El Jem which has the Roman amphitheater with the same name of the city, as already mentioned this is the 3rd best preserved Roman amphitheater in the world, is second only to the Colosseum, na Italy and the Amphitheater of Pula, na Croatia, It is very amazing to imagine how great was the Roman Empire that reached North Africa as well as a huge part of Europe.

El Jem onde tem o Anfiteatro Romano

The second stop of the day was the ancient city of Matmata the Berber population living in houses within the stones Atlas mountain, then there starts the desert, this city is very curious, We visited these old houses inside the rocks, the tour included the ride to one of these houses and lunch in a very charming hotel that was also inside the rocks.

Matmata da população berbere

The last stop of the day was in the city of Douz, desert gateway to the Sahara, this city the tour had some options rides through the Sahara desert dunes, they were: an era of camel, the other buggy and another ATV on the dunes.

Douz, a porta de entrada do deserto do Sahara

After the dunes, already we went to night for Douz hotel Moraud, which is the hotel which was included in tour, a very good hotel with a pool in the desert, there besides hosting was included dinner, and breakfast, only we pay for the drinks that are not included in tour.

6DAY still wake up early, before sunrise, We had breakfast and went to the first attraction, O Salt lake Chott el Jerid in the middle of the Sahara desert, and there we saw the sunrise in the salt lake, what a wonderful place, we did not even know that there was this salt lake in Tunisia and he comes to 10.000Km2 size is huge.

Lago de Sal Chott el Jerid

We arrived in the city of Tozeur and we exchanged the tour bus for 1 car 4×4 to make the ride more expected by us, O Chebika oasis, which is very close to the city, the Oasis is a haven in the midst of so much sand and heat, what a wonderful place, makes you want to get one thousand hours enjoying this stunning beauty of nature.

Oásis de Chebika

In this 6th day was the day we met the most beautiful tourist attractions Tunisia, and after the Chebika Oasis came time to meet the scenarios of the films Star Wars Episode 4 and English Patient, even in the desert near Tozeur, are the locations of the filming, as cenas de Star Wars 4 which they were filmed there was the village where he lived the character Luke SkyWalker, the village scenery is there to this day and can visit, parts of the English Patient film are the desert.

cenário do filme Paciente Inglês

cenário do filme Star Wars episódio 4

as we speak, this day was long and after having lunch in a town on the road between Tozeur and Kairouan, We arrived in Kairouan, the fourth most important city for Muslims, there visited the Great Mosque out.


After all this, on the 6th day, back to the hotel in Yasmine Hammamet and from there took a transfer to the Ghassen (the boy who sold us the tour), and we went to Tunes, the capital of Tunisia.

I got was half later, then just strolled down the main street and had dinner one Kebab, one of the typical dishes of the country.

7Th and final day, We started the day early to visit Tunes, It is a city that has much to do there, It is more a gateway of those places we visit, there strolled through the city center and the Medina of Tunis, a big bazaar selling everything you can imagine.


Medina de Tunes

On that day the major tourist attractions in Tunisia and near its capital were Cartago e Sidi Bou Said.

Carthage is the ideal tour to visit the ancient ruins of the city, which it was once a great empire, the empire of the Carthaginians and then dominated and invaded by the Romans, with this long and impressive history, you will find many Roman and Carthaginian ruins as, O Bath Antonio and amphitheatres of the old town.


Sidi Bou Said is a small town very close to the capital too, and even a better place to stay than in Tunis, the city is famous for its white houses with blue doors and windows, for this reason it is known as the white city and blue, as Santorini, na Greece It is known for its white houses.

Tunísia turismo

This was our last stop on our wonderful script by Tunisia, a little explored country, but it deserves much be known for its natural beauty, culture, religion, and all the rest. Na Tunisia tourism is expected to grow in the coming years.

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