Roteiro por Montenegro, o que fazer no país?

Screenplay by Montenegro, what to do in the country?

May 29, 2019 10 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Things to Do in Montenegro? We count here our Screenplay by Montenegro, We stayed there for 6 days and we love to know the tourist attractions of this small Balkan country, in South East Europe.

This young nation barely exceeds the 600 thousand inhabitants. However, despite its small size, Montenegro is certainly one of the most interesting and attractive countries of the former Yugoslavia country which belonged Montenegro, former socialist countries, as well as the former Soviet Union.

This trip also passed by Croatia e Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia spent there because it is the cheapest airport to get the other two countries going from Barcelona, descended on airport Dubrovnik which is a must-see city to meet, but as we had already gone before not passed by and went straight to Bosnia stayed for 3 days and know, Trebinje, Stolac, Mostar, Blagaj, Sarajevo, then cross the border between Bosnia and Montenegro by the North on the inside and there began part of Montenegro.

Screenplay by Montenegro, what to do in the smallest Balkan country?

As we speak the north of the country on the border with Bosnia, in the country's lakes region, We went from Sarajevo to Podgorica, O lago Beers It is beautiful because it has water with a bluish green tint charming.

Montenegro Piva Lake

O Monastery Ostrog It was built inside a rock and keeps the relics of St. Basil, its founder. This Orthodox monastery of the seventeenth century is one of the most important religious temples and pilgrimage centers of the country and, the tourist level, one of the must-sees in Montenegro.

Monastery of Ostrog, the monastery which is embedded in the mountain

Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro is not a very touristic city but if you want to know a little more about the culture and life that lived there in the Socialist period must pass through capital.

Things to Do in Podgorica: a capital of Montenegro

The first three attractions are the interior of the country, we did in 1 day, thereafter the other 5 days was on the coast, and there made three cities base to know all the beaches, or nearly all, We stayed in Bar on the south coast, Budva in the center of the coast of Montenegro in Kotor and end on the north coast, already near the border with Croatia, where we had to go back to Dubrovnik and return rented car. always rented with and enjoyed.

Bar, one of the main cities in southern coastline, They have beautiful beaches of fine sand and other stone beaches, the most beautiful is Sveti Stefan It is already on the way between Bar and Budva, is a 8 kilometers of Budva, an ancient medieval city now converted into a luxury hotel, this beach is the most beautiful of Montenegro. Linda, neither?

Sveti Stefan, beaches and the old medieval city of Montenegro

Budva, as well as Bar stayed two days in the city. The city with the surroundings more prepared for tourists to area beaches and its surroundings has it all, deserted paradise beaches, beaches that have party club as Ploce, and still have the Old Town of Budva What makes you average Age with its walls, castle and churches.

Things to Do in Budva in Montenegro coast?

A Kotor Bay, perhaps the most beautiful region known and Montenegro, for its natural beauty and for being next to the Croatia, many tourists make a hit and back to the main city Kotor from Croatia, others will cruise that also for the city, we find little time go cruising or make an bounces back, the ideal is to stay at least two days.

We can not talk about this country without talking about the Bay of Kotor, Yeah, no doubt, one of the nicest places to visit in Montenegro. To review with you the geography lessons, just remember that bay is the entrance of a sea, in this case the Adriatic, to a region surrounded by land, except in the penetration zone. This bay is named after the city of Kotor, the most important city in this corner.

Perast, only 12 kilometers from Kotor, a city of just 300 population, but with a spell, life and essence that many would like, besides being romantic. It is worth walking for almost any corner of this small village, although his main area of ​​interest is concentrated around the San Nikolas church whose tower gives a lot of personality to the city and allows, after paying one euro, a beautiful view of the place. But if any point of Perast has tourism hook its islands are standing in front of the city, you can take a boat and take a ride.

Perast, the charming town of Kotor Bay

Dirty, It is the city that gives its name to a bay so many carats, it is clear that Kotor is one of the most beautiful places in Montenegro. The medieval town of Kotor is “immobile” for more than 700 years, with the charm of being completely walled.

Although not a very big city, worth the trip tip to tip along the way and visit the Cathedral of St. Tryphon, the Igreja de St. Nikolas, the palace Grubonja, its walls and, especially, your castle.


The most beautiful part is the stairs to the Castle of San Giovanni, with the most beautiful of the city and bay views.

Besides its own walled city of Kotor, Nearby there is another wall that connects the Castle of San Giovanni, one of the city's defense towers in their wartime. The castle is in the middle of a mountain and, to get to this point, it takes up an infinite number of steps. However, this altitude is what makes this place a perfect place to see the bay in all its splendor. Ideal especially to see the sunset. No doubt, one of the must-see places in Montenegro.

Dirty, Montenegro

In each link above commented about every town and attractions of our screenplay by Montenegro.

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