Saiba como chegar na Blue Lagoon, em Malta

Learn how to get the Blue Lagoon, em Malta

October 16, 2017 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

You desire to know a place that looks like a paradise, with a wonderful blue sea? Then you need to know the Blue Lagoon in Malta!!

But…Where Is the Blue Lagoon?

She is in Comino Island, close to the island of Malta, belonging to the small country called Malta. For you who is spending a few days on the island of Malta, You need to take at least a day for touring the Blue Lagoon, We went on a Saturday, but we recommend if you have time, go during the week, it is less full, when we went it was very very full, but still very worth it.

like going to blue lagoon malta

Blue Lagoon

How to Get the Blue Lagoon?

You just arrive by boat there, then you should get a boat in the city of Cirkewwa, very close to the port from where ferries leave for Gozo (another wonderful island of Malta, but we will tell in another post), The boat costs 10 euros per person round trip, It is super quiet, (we drive), They have several signs indicating how to reach the parking lots, We got around 10:00h morning to catch the boat, try to arrive a little earlier because our car was almost full, it is free, then we left the car and went to buy our tickets to the Blue Lagoon, during the summer output to the Blue Lagoon are every 30 minutes from 9 am to ace ace 15h, and back are from ace 09:30h in the morning until 18h, but be careful because in other seasons change schedules, this is the website of the company that makes this path, so we bought the tickets and left the 10:30h to paradise, We arrived a little before 11 am, are a 25 minutes path, very quiet and beautiful.

Vista da praia de Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon

We also saw that has boats leaving from Sliema and Bugibba, but they are more expensive, 17 euros and take longer, but we do not know which boat cia making, we saw this information in some flyers around the city.

Pri na Blue Lagoon

When we arrived we fell in love for the beauty of the place, water color is elusive, but does not have sand, is all stone, there are people who rent chairs and umbrellas, I think it was cost 10 euros per item, we as always, We stayed on our good old yoke same, because we find it very expensive these rents, so for you who do not mind staying with the rear slightly dented by rocks, Do like us lol. As soon as we got off the boat already we started looking for a place to leave our stuff, and immerse yourself in that wonderful water, It was not sooo easy to find a place, because as we mentioned above, It was quite full, but nothing impossible, and finally dive, It was a delight, but after we left the water had no place for us, then we change place and then yes we spent a long time, because we take our farofinha ever, some sandwiches, beers and made the party the edge of the Blue Lagoon and stayed there until about 15h, but for those who do not like to take anything, also has bars to buy snacks, sandwiches and drinks.

Boiando na águas da Blue Lagoon

The lad who sold the ticket for us said we could do a little trail and go to another nearby beach Blue Lagoon, and if we wanted we take the boat back from this beach too, called Santa Maria Bay. Since we had already known the Blue Lagoon, speak ah we know another beach too right? And also has a micro bus that arrives there, costs only 2 euros, but we walk just as they are about 20 minute walk and is very quiet walk, but we think we screwed up when we got there, because the Blue Lagoon is a thousand times more beautiful, but as we were already there, we were too lazy to go back and we took the boat back to Santa Maria Bay even, in the back the boat was much faster than on the way, we passed in front of some caves, It was really cool and really funny, as the boat began to jump a lot and the staff was falling one on top of another, It was pretty funny.

Linda Blue Lagoon

Sol e praia na Blue Lagoon

So we arrived at the same place as we embark to go to the Blue Lagoon, We seek our car and went back to our apartment in the city of Bugibba, because we were already finished lol, this was our visit to this heavenly place, sooo worth worth, It was a wonderful day, super recommend!

Barcos na Blue Lagoon

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