Saint Tropez, famosa cidade das baladas, no sul da França

Saint Tropez, famous city of ballads, in southern France

June 2, 2017 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Saint Tropez (St Tropez), It is one of the main cities in the south of France, It is located in the Côte D'Azur (Blue Coast) also known as the French Riviera, the city is among Marseille e Nice.

Because of the proximity of these cities who makes a trip there mostly by car, ends up making base in these three cities, and that's what we did on our trip 9 days by the French Riviera.

Marseille was the first stop, Nice was the second stop and back to Barcelona Saint-Tropez was our third stop, and how we use them as a basis, We met several other nearby towns.

In Saint-Tropez, we 3 days and nights, we were not exactly in the city, as it is small and most famous prices are very expensive, we stayed in Grimaud that there is 5 km from Saint-Tropez, there booked an excellent hotel and very cheap, O Pierre & Vacances Village Club, see the post here about this hotel.
Pierre & Vacances Village Club

Things to Do in Saint-Tropez, and what are the tourist attractions of Saint Tropez?

Saint Tropez (St Tropez) as it is known Ibiza gives France, with many parties on the beaches, especially on the beach at Pampelonne, there are several clubs at the seashore, with parties in the afternoon and going to night, and summer are crowded, the most famous clubs are: The Club 55, Key West Beach e o Stefano Forever, but have many other, the beach is very long, moreover it is a beautiful beach, with very blue water and fine sand.

St Tropez, Santrope

But the city does not live by parties, she has a very beautiful old centrinho, with a port, a castle and other beaches.

Things to Do in Saint-Tropez, and what are the tourist attractions in Saint-Tropez?

We arrived in the city in the afternoon and we enjoyed that we were tired because we were 7 days traveling by car and visiting many cities, We stayed in the hotel pool to rest and replenish batteries lol.

Does the hotel have a swimming pool, golf course, tennis courts, volleyball and many other things, in addition to the cabins have full kitchens, and some are up to 5 people.

Saint Tropez

On the second day the weather dawned with fog, and with that thought first to know the town of Grimaud (see the post on there), It was a cool ride, this town is kind and has a medieval castle on top of the town, Castle Grimaud, admission is free.

Castle Grimaud

We were half upset, because we wanted to go to Saint Tropez to meet the famous beaches, but already there in Grimaud, the weather started to improve, how cities are very close in 15 minutes we were already in Saint Tropez (a curiosity I discovered the other day that many people write Santropê thus) and the time was already sun and heat phew.

Our trip was in early spring, before the Easter holiday, yet the town was very busy and was a little difficult to find a parking with free spaces, we ran a little, in the summer it should be almost impossible to find a place. So that all show how many parking spaces is free on an electronic scoreboard outside parking, it makes it much easier.

Fair in St. Tropez

Fair St Tropez

We stopped the car very close to the city center, and getting there, We find a fair held every Saturday, a fair that had everything, food, vegetables, fruits, clothes, handicrafts and many other things, this place took the opportunity to eat some typical dishes from there, I ate a type of squid in a herb sauce with olive oil and the Pri ate a very good pie also, He gave desire to eat other things, but it was early for lunch and still had a place to eat a famous sweet city, a pie with cream in the middle, It looked like a “giant dream” na Tart Tropézienne, a famous patisserie of years 50, full of amazing sweets!!

It was

After eating these delicacies, we stroll through the city's port, which is very beautiful and has a beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea, cruises to stop there in front of the Port, it is a very tourist area.

City Port, we were walking along the coast past a small beach in the center of town, and even there the water is very clean and blue.

Port of Saint-Tropez


We walked some more and we got another beach, after passing next to the castle which was actually an ancient city and today is a Navy museum (The Citadel – Museum of maritime history), a Beach Graniers It is the most beautiful beach near the city center, walking is very quiet, the beach of fine white sand, with a stunning sea and even has a restaurant and a beach bar much delight, We stopped there to have a beer, just beware of the prices of drinks and food in the region, even in places like lol, the price in Côte D'Azur is well salted, this restaurant (close to the other was not so expensive) paid uns 6 euros for a pint (1/2 liter of beer).

Restaurant on the beach in St Tropez

Beach Graniers

We sat there enjoying the beach and the view from the bar.

Beach Graniers

But still they had many things to do that day, returning to the city, we take a look at the castle and old town, that already have to pay and how not have much time, We decided not to enter.

Castle of Saint-Tropez

We returned to the city coming through the old city center, and the medieval style, with small and beautiful streets, churches and other beautiful things you have to know, very worth to go through every little street of downtown.

St. Tropez

Narrow streets of Saint Tropes

Once there we were on the beach which I commented above, Beach Pampelonne, where are the ballads and clubs, but we were there for the beach which is very beautiful even, before we try to get some things in feirinha again only it was already closed, We had to buy in the same mini market.

We arrived in Pampelonne beach, mid-afternoon and there we, enjoying the visual having a picnic with food and drink we buy, for there is also very expensive things. But when we got there we found that between Cap 21 e o each, It has bathrooms with showers and snack bars with ok prices.

Pampelonne beach

Priscilla and Christian Gutierrez on the beach at Pampelonne

We stayed until the evening, already we went back to our hotel with kitchen, then we stopped at a Casino supermarket (gigantic), we thought we would have a lot of them, but do not have, of food prices in the supermarket are much cheaper than in city restaurants, We bought some seafood and some oysters I think that left me with a little allergy (but it was a little allergy anything that disturbed something) arriving at the hotel made our dinner and descasamos for another day as we arrived very late at the hotel.

On the third day was the day to go back to our home in Barcelona, after running all the Côte de D'Azur, but as we like to make the most, In the morning in the hotel pool to give the time of check-out.

After we left the hotel we went to lunch at a restaurant that we saw in the city center with a good price, the restaurant La Pesquière, besides having good price the food was pretty good, It was the expensive water, It was more expensive than wine.

Still wondering well enjoy the last day, we decided to take a break on a beach last longer on the way back to Barcelona, there is a beach 50km from Saint-Tropez (Santrope), the beautiful beach L'Estagnol, one of the most beautiful beaches in the area, along with Vau Calanque D'en not das National Park Calanques (see the post about the Calanques).

A of L'Estagnol beach, It is a beach that has a camping and parking, but far from any city, leaving the beach equal to paradise.

 of L'Estagnol beach

We were on the beach almost to the setting of the sun, and left for Barcelona, 6 road hours avoiding the expensive tolls of self French and Spanish tracks, that if we were by them we would spend some 75 only in euros round trip.

 of L'Estagnol beach

Because we want to make the most of time and avoid tolls, we arrived in Barcelona late-night, but very worth it, and super recommend this trip.

 L'Estagnol beach in France

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