Sea Caves no Chipre ou Cavernas do Mar

Sea Caves in Cyprus Sea Caves or

September 4, 2019 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Sea Caves are some caves in Cyprus cliffs, with one of the most beautiful views we have ever seen, one of them looks like a window made in the rocks to see the sea, the best description is to see this beautiful picture of this spectacle of nature.

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This wonder of nature must have taken thousands or millions of years to be made, with erosion, rain, sea and wind.

We know the Sea Caves or Sea caves, a trip we made to Cyprus, a country that is an island in the Mediterranean Sea east, very close to Turkey, Israel, Syria and Greece, culture is mixed with a Greek Turkish, We stayed in the country for almost 10 days, a good time to visit this country charm.

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As always, we plan our trips reading many websites and blogs and we scored in our script by Cyprus to see this gem, standing beside the Bridge Love another wonder of the country.

Getting into the Sea Caves and Sea Caves in Cyprus?

Sea Caves is in the region of Ayia Napa, where the best beaches of Cyprus, in another post we speak what.

The best way to go for these Sea Caves is by car and park above the cliffs that have parking, here in this link It has the correct point Google Maps, getting there you will see the view of the cliffs, but it has a point of the cliffs with a “escada” the stones to go down, something around a 3 meters and find this wonder, be careful on the descent and do not go in day of rough seas or rain.

Getting into the Sea Caves and Sea Caves in Cyprus?

We hardly find the place to go down, even though we saw a couple coming down and went along with them.

For you who are reading this post will be all the easier to find this wonder.