Seguro de Viagem, nova parceria com o TurMundial

Travel insurance, new partnership with TurMundial

March 6, 2017 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

The TurMundial closed three new partnerships with Travel Insurance companies.
The new partners are: a Seguropromo, Real Travel Insurance and the Safety Card Assistance, in our travels always hire travel insurance services, and always do for one of these

Why hire a travel insurance or travel assistance?

Besides being mandatory in several countries to enter with tourist visa, for example if you come to Spain and all Schengen treaty countries(not being European) It is required to have a travel insurance,and they can bar you from entering the country if you do not have.

Besides being mandatory in some countries, such insurance protect you from various situations that can occur in such a journey and end it, since having a food indigestion and having to go to the doctor, or even more serious cases like car accidents.

I'll tell 2 stories that have happened to our friends, a trip to the United States a couple of friends, traveled to buy baby layette they were expecting, only right the way she fell ill and had to be treated at a hospital, He was hospitalized for 3 days and they had no travel insurance, what happened They had to spend over 5.000 dollars it between doctors and the hospital, the good thing is that nothing serious happened at the end, but look at the expenses they incurred for not having a safe, if they had the probably safe spending would be zero. Another case was a former boss who was skiing and stretched the knee ligaments, but luckily she was safe and did not have to spend anything to doctors.

So we always do travel insurance, because we never know what might happen, and we always recommend to our friends and readers who do, it is not expensive and saves our lives and our pocket.

Make a quotation with SegurosPromo or Real Travel Insurance to see how worth traveling with a clear head.

Good trip.

Plan your trip

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