Seguro viagem: dicas que você não pode perder

Travel insurance: tips you can not miss

March 24, 2020 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

You are thinking of traveling? So you should already have prepared everything, of course? Destination, hotels, passes, bad, who will get the pets but ..., and travel insurance, He has also prepared?

Travel with travel insurance these days is one of the best investments you can make, because it gives you a lot of guarantees, mainly, the you will not have a headache in his long-awaited trip.

This article will show you the benefits that a good travel insurance can pay you, avoiding, like this, your trip ends up becoming a problem for you and your family.

Travel insurance: benefits

If you think the most amazing places to travel, prepares everything to enjoy your holiday, and not hire a travel insurance, believe, your trip can end up becoming a nightmare. Check out the benefits you can have with a ideal travel insurance.

Coverage of medical and dental expenses

No one is free from an accident or even to adoentar during your vacation, Is not it? Of course this is an inconvenience for everyone, especially for the victim, however, with travel insurance, everything is more quiet. That's because all travel insurance, mandatorily, should include medical and dental expenses, as consultations, simple and complex tests, and hospital admissions procedures, necessary case. Remember that the costs have coverage in both domestic travel as in international travel.

Return to place of origin

If required hospitalization, and the days extend beyond the date of return, the insurance also covers the shuttle to return the patient to their place of origin.

Companion in case of hospitalization

Even in the case of need for hospitalization, the travel insurance guarantees the passage of return of a companion to the insured when the case of hospitalization or prolonged hospitalization, due to personal injury or sudden illness.

transfer doctor

Suppose you are enjoying your trip making a trail somewhere cool, but away from the urban center, e leaf, if accident. The travel insurance also covers, mandatorily, the transfer of the patient to the nearest hospital.

Death on the road

In case of death during the trip, the insurance covers, also must, of transporting the body to his place of burial, as well as to policy beneficiaries the amount contracted by the insured in the event of accidental death or natural reasons.


If you've spent the inconvenience of having your lost luggage, you'll certainly enjoy this benefit. The travel insurance can offer you an indemnity in case of loss, theft, theft or even destruction of your luggage.

Trip Cancellation

Unforeseen happen all the time, and it may well happen one day on set for your trip. however, if you have a contracted travel insurance, Do not worry. The ark insurer expenses in case of any event that prevents you from travel.

With these tips, I bet you will not have to travel courage without a travel insurance. Another important tip is to use your Multiplus points to travel, which can be done through credit cards or financial.

So, now, just follow your destination. Good trip!

Plan your trip

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