Sevilha a capital da Andaluzia

Sevilla the capital of Andalucia

February 1, 2017 1 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Seville or Sevilla in Spanish is the capital of the state / community Sevilla, It is located south of Spain, a region of very hot, plenty of culture and good food, It is one of the cheapest states to travel and live.

As I said in the previous post Córdoba, We made at the end of year, a road trip through Spain, we leave Barcelona where we live and visit the cities of Córdoba, Seville and Granada.

Seville or Sevilla

Seville It was our second stop and stayed there for two days, We arrived in the early afternoon, because of Córdoba to Seville is about 1h30 from car, on roads without tolls.


As we drive we decided to stay in a cheaper hotel, but it was far from the city center, we stayed at Ibis Budget Sevilla, like all Ibis Budget hotels the Seville was also a good hotel, with a price well in mind, well clean, with internet for free and had parking for 6 Euro per day, cost-effective, Here in Europe the downtown hotels of the cities usually has no parking, another reason we chose the Ibis, the only thing is that the car was in the building next door and also kind of hard to stop the car, for theirs ratchet never opened and we had to call the parking Guardinha to help us, but nothing more.


After we check in, since we went straight to the city center of Seville, although far had bus passing near the hotel every 10 minutes and left us in the center, very calm, just a hint of the buses Sevilla ace after 21h do not accept money for the ticket if not the exact value.

Flamenco show

Things to do in Seville and what are the main attractions of Seville.

On the first day, We went straight to the beautiful Plaza de España in Seville, the bus left us next to the Prado Park of San Sebastián, standing next to the Maria Luisa Park, where is the Square of Spain. No San Sebastian Prado Park, I was having a Christmas fair and a fun park with ice rink, and this afternoon that was there doing a 18 degrees (Winter) what for them is cold as the summer draws to the incredible 45 degrees, then in the summer is not a good time to go there, it does not have even a small beach to refresh yourself.

Things to do in Seville and what are the main attractions of Seville.

Things to Do in Seville

Before entering the park we passed the other, Monument to the Cid, the old Royal Tobacco Factory of Seville, today is the University of Seville and also the Teatro Lope de See.

What are the main attractions of Seville.

Royal Tobacco Factory of Seville

Arriving at the park where the Spanish Steps, this court can say it is one of the most beautiful and biggest we've ever been in Europe, It has an old government building in format “The”, with towers at the ends.

Spanish Steps

There also has “canalzinho Intelligence” where you can go boating, if I remember correctly are 6 euros 30 minutes.

Plaza of Spain in Seville


In the square there are works on tiles in honor of each province of Spain, We went through all the works, We highlight the Granada where it comes from my ancestors and Barcelona where we live.

tiles in honor of each province of Spain

In one of the buildings, may rise on a terrace to get a better view of the square.


Also within the park is quite large, there are other interesting places such as Arts Museum y Popular Customs Seville, O Museum of Archeology and the Plaza of the Americas.

Arts Museum y Popular Customs Seville

Museum of Archeology

From there we went into the Guadalquivir river, one of the only navigable rivers in Spain and from there went Christopher Columbus when it was toward the Americas.

On the river is the Seville Aquarium, we only spent ahead and seemed to be closed.

Seville Aquarium

Near there also has some restaurants that look good, but we do not stop because there was no time.

No Palace of San Telmo, Current Andalusian Government Headquarters, this building was formerly the school of sailors from Spain.

Palace of San Telmo

Soon after we arrived at the Gold Tower thirteenth century, which was erected on the banks of the Guadalquivir river to avoid invasion of the city at the time of the Caliphate Almohad.

Gold Tower

In this region we began to look for Seville Card, that you use to sign in several attractions Seville, just not met, We seek in various places but nothing, and then we find that where we wanted to go was not so good and we ended up not buying, it did not include the entrance to the Alcázar and the Cathedral. But if you want you can buy for internet, buy the site ticketbar

Seville Card

Because of this search we are even hungrier because it was late and we had only eaten one breakfast in the car, then we do not look very good restaurant, because there say that there are many and fell in Bodeguita Puerta restaurant an expensive restaurant, with a pretty normal food and right in the center of the city and with very expensive beer too, ok we were in a tourist super place but still do not recommend.

As it was late and we were tired, we very quickly by Seville Cathedral, through the The Giralda and the Real Alcázar, to see them illuminated at night, because the next day they would visit.

Seville Cathedral

The Giralda

In the second day We had the mission to meet the other two main attractions of Seville, Real Alcázar and Seville Cathedral, so early we left the hotel and went to the city center, these two places are next to each other.

Real Alcázar of Seville

When we got to visit Real Alcázar of Seville, we face a huge line, We did not know that in the winter the city was so visited, We read various blogs and sites and none of them spoke that could have this giant queue, and so we do not even think about buying the tickets online, so here is the tip BUY THE TICKETS ONLINE FOR REAL AND CATHEDRAL ALCÁZAR as it was with a giant queue, no ticketbar site you can buy the tickets online.

Real Alcázar of Seville

After facing queue 1h30, this same line 1h30, we managed to get no Alcázar, The palace is very beautiful with lots of art and Islamic architecture the palace is much larger than the Cordoba, like a lot too, but like Pri Córboda of the most even being much smaller, I'm still in doubt, but the two have to be visited.


After walking into the palace and a large garden to meet within the Alcázar, the garden is beautiful, like enough.

Arabic style Real Alcázar of Seville

There is also a snack bar for a quick stop, as we had lost a lot of time in the queue did not have time to stay there enjoying, because the ride took a few more 2 hours or more, It depends on how thorough you are.

Real Alcázar of Seville

Real Alcázar of Seville filming GOT

Real Alcazar Gardens in Seville


Real Alcázar Sevillha

After the Alcázar were we again face the queue only this time to go on Seville Cathedral, the queue was shorter but still we each 45 minutes in line, then again we give a tip to buy the tickets online.

Queuing to enter the Cathedral of Seville

The Cathedral is beautiful with large columns, beautiful stained glass, It is huge and one of the most beautiful altars in gold we've seen.

Seville Cathedral

Giralda tower

Facade of Seville Cathedral

In this cathedral are the remains of Christopher Columbus the discoverer of the Americas, who left Sevilla to discover the new world.

remains of Christopher Columbus

The Cathedral is also La Giralda tower, one of the city's symbols, the tower can be visited only few steps 17, because much of the rise are small ramps, 35 if I'm not mistaken.

Torre La Girald


There is a complete tour of the city is pretty much the view, worth it and pay nothing.

Seville View

Panoramic view



Both the Cathedral and the Tower has Islamic and Gothic architectural style which leaves the most beautiful place yet, for Andalusia for many years it was under Moorish rule.
Cathedral and the Tower has Islamic and Gothic architectural style
How many hours lost in the Alcázar of the queue and the Cathedral, just not seeing everything we wanted in town.

He has still time to see the monument to Cervantes, the famous Spanish writer, q only the statue was too small, only worth it if you are on your way.

monument to Cervantes

Then we went on Church Del Salvador, who buys a ticket to see the Cathedral is included the visit that church, we got there just in time to close but has to go, the church is normal big deal, but as it was free it is good lol. There we met a Brazilian couple who was buying the ticket to visit Seville Cathedral, not to pick up the queue at the Cathedral, It is an option not to get too row, but we think the best thing is to buy online.

Church Del Salvador

Church Del Salvador

Then we in Palace of Lebrija, only we spent in front.

We wanted to catch the sunset in Seville arrows (Umbrella or Parasol),It is a modern mushroom-shaped, there is a city lookout, you pay 3 euros to climb, but then when we were up there we found that has a free drink a wine or beer, It is written on your ticket that almost throw away without knowing.

Seville arrows (Umbrella or Parasol)

Seville arrows

We sat there enjoying the sunset.

Down arrows, It is a ruins of a Ancient Roman City (We do not remember the place name), that were discovered recently, the entry of the Alcázar is entitled to get there.

Ancient Roman City in Seville in Spain

Another tip, be smart with things included in ticket purchases to visit, because Sevilla have these three things included, Alcázar + Roman city, Cathedral + Church Del Salvador, mushrooms + Drinks.

Alcázar + Roman city, Cathedral + Church Del Salvador, mushrooms + Drinks

Already at nightfall finally managed to find a bar with tapas and beer and cheap, or La Gitana Loco, pint of beer 1 euro, from the Tapas 1 euro and also the food is good, there is the famous Salmorejo, a typical dish of Andalusia.

Seville moite

As we were in Andalusia as we had not see a Flamenco Show, it had been a while we wanted to go and we had booked in the afternoon, we went to Museu del Baile Flamenco, we called to book for these shows are very crowded, just to get an idea only got the last time ace 22h and telephone reservations could only be made by ace 12h. You can also buy a ticket to go to the online show.

Museu del Baile Flamenco

The show lasted 1 hour, very good, We enjoyed and recommend, the city also has another Flamenco house calls Flemish Cultural Center that we were not, only we got to see and appears to be a smaller footprint than the Baile Flamenco Museum.

Flemish Cultural Center

On that day we came back late and had almost no bus back to the hotel, but the city has night bus and went right to return.


The next morning we set off for the last city, Granada.

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