Sidi Bou Said, a cidade branca e azul da Tunísia

Sidi Bou Said, white and blue city Tunisia

June 26, 2018 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Sidi Bou Said, is a city on the coast of Tunisia, with just 4793 population, according to the census in 2004, very close to the capital, Tunes, the city is a few kilometers, I turn to 20, it is in the Mediterranean Sea and is very famous for having the houses of white and blue city, somewhat resembles the Santorini Island in Greece.

we went to meet Sidi Bou Said, on our last day trip to Tunisia, We spent a few hours in the afternoon there, enough time to know the city, but after we met this charming city, we coolest staying in Sidi Bou Said, than Tunes, as we did, because there is a lot of charming places to eat and the climate is very festive and cheerful.

The city is very lidinha, all the houses are painted white and comas windows and doors painted blue, so it became known as the white and blue city Tunisia.

Sidi Bou Said, é uma cidade no litoral da Tunísia

Things to Do in Sidi Bou Said, and what are the main attractions of the city?

In that city the legal is to walk through all the alleys, and not only the main street that starts in the square and goes to the center.

O que fazer em Sidi Bou Said

quais as principais atrações Sidi Bou Said

The city has a lot of trading of various products, as souvenirs, crafts,food with good prices, It is very beautiful.

It also has great restaurants with views of the city. Too bad we could not sit and eat anywhere because we had little time.

A must thing is to see the different styles of designs of doors of houses, one more beautiful than the other.

ruazinha de cidade branca e azul de Sidi Bou Said

a cidade branca e azul da Tunísia

as I commented, We stayed there only a part of the afternoon of the last day trip to Tunisia, as did a beautiful screenplay by Tunisia, that day we hired a taxi to stay the whole day with us, for there is still all very cheap, but you have to negotiate for, at the beginning of the conversation with the taxi driver he wanted to charge us 120 dinars, and after talking it was very expensive and would not pay, He stood for 65 dinars, or equivalent 20 euros to stay with us all day, this morning we went to Carthage, even the capital city of Carthage Empire, and after several more places the town of Sid Bou Said, took our bags at the hotel we were in Tunis and at the end of it even took us to the airport. Normally we would do the entire city on foot, but as we had little time and still had to know another city and pick up your bags at the hotel to catch the plane at the end of the day, we had no other option.

Sidi Bou Said

Very important information, many people asked if the Tunisia is a safe country for tourism, and we can say yes, We stayed there for 7 days, visited several cities, We walk with camera, cell phones, bag and had no problem, the country has a very strong policing on all roads and streets of cities, NEVER take pictures or just point your mobile phone or machine to the police, they confiscate for security and you will be without, we were advised before, then let warned you too.. But apart from that, which is very quiet, super indicate, and is a good time to visit, for there is still all very cheap, as we, many Europeans go there rest and enjoy the beautiful coast of the country in Resorts super cheap and all inclusive.

Tunísia é um país seguro para turismo

Bora meet Tunisia personnel!!

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