Singapura ou Cingapura – Cidade, Estado ou País

Singapore or Singapore - City, State or Country

October 14, 2014 21 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Singapore (up until 1943 the correct spelling was Singapore) it's a country (a city and a state), It is officially the Republic of Singapore, is located in Southeast Asia is a member of the Asian Tigers, borders with Malaysia and Indonesia.

By having the largest port in Southeast Asia and for many companies and banks technologies, It has become a very modern and attractive city, both for business and for tourism, By also be a gateway for Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. The city is so prosperous that 10 population, 6 It has over 1 million Singapore dollars (slightly lower than the US), the account.


We got there come from Dubai, with a connection in a place we never imagined spending, Colombo, Country Sri Lanka capital, we really wanted to have made a check in on facebook, just to show where we were, only at the airport appeared to be in the woods, because the plane before going down not passed over in any city, had wi fi.

Dubai is a country or city

We left Dubai at 23h, the duration of the flight was almost 5 am, made this connection in Colombo 2 hours and still have more 4pm flight, as our time zone already was all messy and Colombo were 5 am, or ate breakfast at the airport and left to eat the next flight, but it was served food that could not eat, of such pepper and curries, It was a chicken with spicy rice, but so spicy it was almost impossible to eat (usually we have no problem with different foods), I who was hungry ate, but then I took a milk to see if lessened the sting, Pri could not eat and was hungry, this served to stay smart well with foods that have the next countries that would spend (Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand).


in Singapore (Singapore or Singapore), again we were surprised positively, the city is beautiful, modern, full of lights, very cool, with lots to do, love very, would give to spend one more day (we 3 days). They say to Westerners do not really clash with the eastern culture is good to get there, that even though they are Asians have some Western customs, when we went to the other Asian countries understand well that.

Temple in Singapore

The city is very cheap to buy things technology, hotels and restaurants is not so cheap so, quite the opposite, we came to pay 40 real in a pint of beer.

Buddha temple

You can visit the city every walk, just can not walk to Sentosa Beach.

Sentosa Beach

A by Marina Bay (Marina Bay), It is a beautiful place too, with the river, buildings, the lakes, the restaurants, the shows of the wonderful lights hotel Marina Bay and Garden Park is where everything happens in the city.

by Marina Bay

How to get

Airplane, airport there is beautiful, full of green areas, one of the most important in Asia and the world's best, super organized, you already comes with a sample of how the city will, which is well organized whole, neat and beautiful.

There eating well, We had dinner at a restaurant that is next to the Merlion (symbol of Singapore) with a view to the Marina Bay and the hotel Marina Bay, the restaurant is the Pelican Bar SeaFood & Grill, very good food, We stayed in place more for a beer, when we decided to leave the bartender (very nice) said: Why are you leaving before the light show of the Marina Bay? We say that we did not know we had this show and decided to stay a little longer, still well, because the show is very wonderful.

Also ate in a street that has a lot of restaurants is the Boat Quay, I do not remember the name of which we had dinner, We had dinner on this street for two days, the place also has many bars and saw happy hour, this places are the banks of the Singapore River. And many restaurants have those aquariums that you choose the food you want, with live animals.

TurMundial in Singapore

On another day we had lunch in a restaurant that is in the same complex as the Esplanade Theater, which also has an outdoor mall, there have other food options and also has a beautiful view of the Marina Bay.

Where to stay
we stayed at Hotel Clover 5 HongKong Street, Chinatown, which is very close to the city center and very close to all attractions, the hotel has breakfast, wi fi, the room is very small hardly had room to leave the bags on the floor. But it was what we most cost effective, the funny thing is the TV there that have some channels with sound in one language and more TWO subtitles in other languages (for example the sound is in English, It is a legend in Malay and the other in Chinese).

Things to Do in Singapore and what are the main attractions of Singupura

Marina Bay Marina Bay or just, It is a bay of the city of Singapore, It is an artificial bay, it was built in the delta of the Singapore River, this place is where you are practically all the main attractions of the city.

Things to Do in Singapore and what are the main attractions of Singupura

Things to Do in Singapore

What are the main attractions of Singupura

Merlion, is the symbol of Singapore is a statue with fish body and head lion. Merlion is the Mer word union is with the word Sea Lion, Lion, The statue is located in the Marina Bay, I not even need to mention that many souvenirs are made with a replica of the Merlion and are scattered all over the place.

Merlion, It is the symbol of Singapore

Hotel Marina Bay Sands, the famous hotel that has a boat on the roof, there is the highest pool infinity world, It is considered one of the most beautiful in the world, the top of the hotel view is wonderful. On one side is Marina Bay on the other side is the Garden Park Bay, on the side of the Marina is where the sun sets is deslumbrante.Como not stayed at the hotel because the rate is much expensive, we were at the hotel to go to the Pool bar, only we had seen a TV program (Where to go?, Multishow channel, presented by Bruno de Lucca) it was difficult to climb to the top and the pool, he had given a Brazilian way to go, knowing that we went to the hotel pretending we were guests, only getting there we saw that there was nothing that, anyone can go there, it has this bar in the hotel's high that becomes a mega ballad point night, during the day until 18h you can climb to shorts and flip flops, the evening is already different have to be pants and tennis, it is good that whenever we are walking in the cities, we prevented to different situations and took a backpack with a lot of things is one's pants. So we can stay day and evening, for the hour that we were 17:30h and the receptionist said we could stay until 18h because we were in shorts, but she did not have our backpack, the exchange and stayed there until about 20:30h and we could see the light show that the day before had seen the front bar, Now we have seen from above the hotel also. Prepare the pocket, for there the cheapest drink pint of beer were almost 40 each real, but it is worth every penny spent.

Hotel Marina Bay Sands

Hotel Marina Bay Sands pool

Hotel Marina Bay Sands

Hotel Marina Bay Sands

Baia Singapore

Singapore night view of the Marina Bay

Hotel Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands Shoping Mall even I do not like shopping thought it was beautiful, super chic shops and detail has an artificial river with gondolas in the middle of shopping!!

Marina Bay Sands Shoping Mall

Museum of Art and Science

Museum of Art and Science

Parque Garden (Gardens by the Bay), is a beautiful park which is behind the hotel Marina Bay, next to the park is the river Singapore, the park has greenhouses with plants from all over the world, space to walk is a lovely park, but the coolest of all are artificial trees, which they are most beautiful at night as there is a sound and light show (You pay nothing), the show is half and half an hour from 19:30, do not miss this show!!

We found this through a blog too, as we were day, but changed his mind because of the show and it was worth it.

Parque Garden (Gardens by the Bay)

Parque Garden

Gardens by the Bay

Parque Garden

Parque Garden (Gardens by the Bay)

Sentosa Beach, It is the only beach in town it is also artificial, to get there can be lift (we were so), the beach is beautiful, but for those who live in Brazil and is used to incredible beaches, It has nothing too, there also has a Universal Studios which were not.

Sentosa Beach

Sentosa Beach

Universal Studios

Universal Studios

Singapore Zoologico
Ferris wheel (Singapore Flyer), the Ferris wheel is in the same complex circuit Formula 1, it is a bit pricey and as we had already seen the town several times from above (cable car and hotel Marina Bay) , bullshit and we also did not have time to go.

Ferris wheel (Singapore Flyer)

Esplanade theater, the theater is also located in the Marina Bay and there is also a mall and a subway station.

Esplanade theater

Buddha Temple and Museum (Buddha Tooth Relic), beautiful temple is in the Chinese district

Buddha Temple and Museum (Buddha Tooth Relic)

Buddha Tooth Relic

National Museum of Singapore

Museum of Asian Civilizations

Chinatown, in this neighborhood as well as having some sights have enough stores to buy electronics.

Indian neighborhood, it seems that you are in India even, both of Indian, the neighborhood has some interesting monuments such as the Sri Mahamariamman Temple, and Veeramakaliamman, the neighborhood has very smell of curry and some restaurants customers eat the food by hand, normal in Indian culture.

Indian neighborhood


Heritage Singapura

Temple Sri Mahamariamman

Temple Sri Mahamariamman

Templo Veeramakaliamman

American Church San Gregorio

American Church San Gregorio

where is singapore?

Singapore is in Southeast Asia, border with malaysia

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