Sites de emprego na Espanha

Job Sites in Spain

November 25, 2016 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Before talking about the job sites let's clarify some things.

Get jobs in Spain, It will depend largely on the type of “seen” you have in Spain.

If you have European passport, You can work here easier and faster, every person has a passport from any country of the European Union can work legally in Spain, You will only have to get the document DAYS (for those with Spanish passport, It is like our RG) or NIE to have a passport from another country) and the Social Security number (it would be like the INSS number)

If you have student visa making a college, a graduate or a PhD also makes it much easier to get a job, because you can make an agreement between the university and the company, like a stage they call here Beca or Becario. When I (Chris) I lived here in Barcelona 2008, I had not even European passport and then got to work this working model, I made a covenant between my college the Universitat Pompeu Fabra and the company Mapfre, it worked legally, but one thing you have to think is, wins if very little working Becario, It would be money to help you to stay here, but probably would not to pay all your bills.

get a work visa, It is an option but it is very difficult and is out of the country, It becomes even more difficult, but I know some people who have achieved this, come by a company or already being here, It has areas that are much easier to get a job so, tipo TI I Turismo, an important thing to achieve this is to have the country's language well spoken.

Se você está como tourist or (after 3 months without any visa is already illegal), in this case to get a job will be much more difficult and probably not in the area you studied or did you work. There are few companies that hire undocumented persons, so you have to seek informal jobs, such as delivering leaflets in the street, waiter in bars that accept people who do not have documents, would be to “nozzle” to get documents, so many Brazilians come and try to get work that way, but know that it will be harder and have to go through bad situations, as lack of money or lack of employment, It is good to come with a lot of money to not have these problems.

A question that many will make is how long I will get a job, this will vary greatly from person to person and also depends on the time of year you come here, a very bad time to look for are the months of July and August, because all are on vacation would like to seek employment in Brazil in December and January. In my case I have Spanish passport, it took me almost 5 months to get a job in my area and Digital Marketing IT.

Well now we made this clarification we will talk of job sites.

The website Linkedin It is an excellent option, there you will ride your curriculum people will see your resume and has many job openings, good that site and make a network (network of friends) add people working in HR companies, Human resources and HeadHunter in the city or country where you are seeking employment, before coming to Spain added over 100 people, and then send my resume to them, some called me.

The best Spanish site for job search in my opinion is the InfoJobs, my job I got there.

A site that I'm using a lot when looking for a new job is advises, which is very good.

Another is Tecnoempleo focused more jobs in IT.

has bebee, at first I thought it was good then found more weak.

O Infoempleo It is another option.

Una opção nueva com bastantes vagas é o jooble

Jobbatical It is a job search site for Start-ups

O app JobToday It is great for those looking for waiter jobs, waiter, kitchen assistant and delivery of food and brochure.

To be more likely to sign up for all of them.

One last information, there are countries where the job search is easier, and especially for those who have no passport European country that it is Ireland, for there even with language student visa can get jobs.

Good luck in your search!!!

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