Skerries e Castelo Ardgillan

Skerries and Castle Ardgillan

July 21, 2016 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

As I said in another post, We enjoyed a few days of free sun and made some trips to some towns near Dublin, to and on the same day, and one of them went to Skerries.

We went by bus, number 33, as it passes in front of the house and leave right in front of the Castle of Ardgillan, only the driver was not up to the castle and stopped in town, we had to walk a 5 km round trip to meet the Castle, it was one of the plans for the day, as it was a beautiful day, nor will call both.


The Castle is in a park in front of the coast, the park has some gardens that are very beautiful, many people go there to pic nic, to enter the park pay nothing, but if you want to know the Castle paid, we wanted to see the castle only from the outside and the view from there is wonderful.

Castelo de Skerries

We stayed there and enjoyed the view to eat the lunch we take there.

After the castle we went back toward town, to know the city and the Martello Tower.

Skerries Irlanda

There in the city has a very famous ice cream parlor, we wanted to try an ice cream, I had only one row of a 20 people, then we give up.

very famos ice cream shop

The Hammer tower stands next to a park right in the city coast, is very tasty there.

tower Hammer

tower Hammer

After all this tour we returned to Dublin in the late afternoon, super recommend this tour, especially on sunny days.