Sliema, uma linda cidade em Malta

Sliema, a beautiful city in Malta

October 6, 2017 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Sliema is a small town in the country of Malta, the eponymous island, It has a fantastic promenade by the sea, super wooded, several bars, restaurants and modern hotels facing the sea.

The town is on the northwest coast of the island, next to the capital, the city of Valletta.

The coastline of Sliema is famous for its Roman baths, and several small pools, that the waves invade and become even more beautiful.

Banhos Romanos na cidade de Malta - Silema

In this city are the most modern hotels Malta. The city has a wide variety of hotel options, but if you stay there, know that there they are more expensive than in other cities, as Qawara and Bugibba.

Praia de Silema

The city has a beautiful bar, restaurant and the ballad Surfside, It has a good food, with a very fair price, there you can also eat the traditional island dish, rabbit meat, this bar in addition to being in front of the sea and the natural pool, you can also enter the 2 jacuzzis they offer to customers, They are on the end of the bar, It is a lounge, gets along with some sofas and the third bar restaurant, a very tasty and with a beautiful view place to eat and drink.

Almoço no restaurante Surfside


Jacuzzi no restaurante Surfside

There have many clubs with swimming pool facing the sea, only that clubs are all paid, We think a little expensive, We find 10 a 20 euros, only to go and had nothing included, therefore we prefer this bar above that indicated, for in it you pay nothing to enter and is as good for others, on the contrary it is very beautiful.

Banhos Romanos

We strolled by Sliema on one of 8 days we stayed in Malta, we prefer to stay in the city of Bugibba, because there was cheaper, We stayed in an apartment rented by Airbnb, because we think to stay 8 lunching day and dining out would be very expensive, then in an apartment, We can have lunch outside and dinner in the apartment a few days to reduce costs. Or if you do not want to rent by Airbnb can rent a flat with kitchen, hotel or even an apartment by which has several good options.