Solicitar NIE, Permissão de Residência e Trabalho para cônjuge de Espanhol

Order NIE, Permission for Home and Work spouse of Spanish

June 29, 2016 19 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

This post is especially for people who are thinking of leaving Brazil and live in Europe, more precisely in Spain.

Here I will speak step by step to request the NIE, permission for permanent residence and work for the spouse of Spanish and then take Spanish citizenship by being married to Spanish, the famous red passport.

They also call this family regrouping procedure.

Those who follow our blog TurMundial, know I have dual citizenship (Spanish and Brazilian) and Pri my wife, still only have the Brazilian, but here less than a year will file papers to have Spanish citizenship also.

Step by step:

  1. request empadronamento, both the Spanish part about not Spanish part, in some Spanish city (see the post request empadronamento);
    1. Bring a copy of empadronamento;
  2. Already have or request DAYS the Spanish part, because for the next steps of the Spanish DNI will be mandatory (see the post on request DNI)
    1. Bring a copy of the DNI and the original;
  3. petition appointment na hair immigration office site, the quotes are forever 15 days after the date you access the site, the Extranjería we went was in Barcelona on Calle Murcia, 42, if you can not check the quotes side Extranjería has a shop (dispatcher style) that does it;
    1. Print the confirmation of quotes;
  4. Proof of financial means, we had to open an account in a bank of Spain (not open Santander, We managed to open the account, deposit money and getting the certificate on the same day) If you are still not working, You have to prove you have the means to be able to live in Spain, and they ask you to prove, which has the least on account 9 a thousand euros, then ask the bank clerk a certificate proving that money and have to be signed by the bank.
    1. Take the certificate on;
  5. marriage certificate Spanisha, see the post I speak as legalizing the Brazilian marriage in Spain;
    1. Take a copy and the original;
  6. Brazilian marriage certificate, I did not have to take but it is always good to have it all;
    1. Take a copy and the original;
  7. Passport the part that is Spanish, the passport must be valid for 6 no minimum months;
    1. Bring copy and the original;
  8. Passport the part that is Brazilian the passport must be valid for more than one year;
    1. Bring copy and the original;
  9. Health insurance, not worth travel insurance, we made a safe Mapfre only for Pri that is not Spanish;
  10. 3 Photos passport size,
  11. Certificate of criminal record, We did not have to take but we took;
  12. Fill the form, I do not remember what we had to fill it has several, but Extranjería they gave the correct form;

If you do not get all the documents they ask for, Extranjería to give you a paper stating what was missing, you will have more or less 10 days to take the documents that are missing.

After doing all this you expect more or less 1 month to get a letter in the address of your empadronamento, stating that the process has been accepted and will also reach the number of NIE , this letter will also be the information to request the NIE card.

The NIE card is done in 2 parts, you need to check other cites in Extranjería, the 2 They need to attend, take DNI (Spanish), letter that they sent you, authorizing their NIE, Now the number, passport of non Spanish part, 3 passport size photos (not Spanish part), also take marriage certificate and family libro not to have error, but did not have, there they will give you like a ticket for you to pay in the bank, no value 11 euros. The card is not ready in time, It took around 25 days, then they give you a protocol and this billet, when you get back there to get the card, deliver the proof of payment of the ticket, the protocol that gave you and the passport again and then you will be with your card NIE, that for Spanish spouses, It is valid normally 5 years.

Done everything I said above and after 1 year (we are hoping to spend this one year), not Spanish party may apply for citizenship, this process should be done in a civil registry of citizenship where you will be living. still do not know exactly the documents that will be required for this process of citizenship. But when you know, back here to talk to you.

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If you need assistance in any part of the process, as we mentioned above, there are advisory and specialized lawyers, we indicate the documents Spain, is a Spanish advisory company that helps you in Spanish Nationality processes, Background criminal or criminal, Civil registration, Negative Naturalization Certificate, Legalization of Documents, Apostilamento Hague and Certified Translations.

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