Sveti Stefan, praias e a antiga cidade medieval de Montenegro

Sveti Stefan, beaches and the old medieval city of Montenegro

April 17, 2019 2 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Sveti Stefan, It is an ancient medieval town with two beaches one on each side of the bridge that connects the small island peninsula.

In the medieval town of Sveti Stefan today is a five star resort, one of the nicest hotels Montenegro, O Aman Sveti Stefan.

Sveti Stefan


We stopped at Sveti Stefan in the middle of a screenplay by Bosnia and Montenegro, we did and, We visited almost all the beaches on the coast of Montenegro, there were a whole day, but we stayed in the city, We stayed in town of Budva which also has such beautiful beaches as praias of Sveti Stefan.

The city began as a fishing village in the Middle Ages and was fortified by the Venetians, achieving a strong defense against Ottoman attacks.

praias of Sveti Stefan

The city was abandoned in the twentieth century due to poverty and oppressive communism the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia which led most people to emigrate to America or Australia, Sveti Stefan leaving almost uninhabited after World War.

The recovery came from the union of some painters and Montenegrin artists who managed to rehabilitate respecting the architecture and transform it into a luxury hotel which has trained many Hollywood actors and monarchs from around the world.

Sunset at Sveti Stefan

The sandy isthmus and the subsequent road that provides access to the peninsula / island where in addition to the current facilities hotel has a harbor for yachts, heliport and three beautiful pink sand beaches.

Sveti Stefan, ownership of the Sveti Stefan resort is the emporium Aman, with its luxury hotels in Europe and elsewhere in the world. Thanks to that, Sveti Stefan won awards as one of the world's finest luxury hotels, with a category 5 stars.

Aman Sveti Stefan

It could not be visited by anyone who is not staying there, but if you want to know the city can book one of their restaurants, we almost got in one of these restaurants to know the city, but we ended up not going, if you are ready to overpay pocket, us 100 Euros or more per person, because when we got there, I had a reception and ask the price to book, but if you really want to go, call in advance because it is very competitive.

Sveti Stefan vista da Estrada

In front of Sveti Stefan Island there are two beaches, a call Praia Sveti Stefan and the other call Milocer beach, which has restaurants, swimming pools, tennis courts and a casino that beach is private hotel, when we got there we do not understand why one side is full and the other nearly empty, We walk to the beach, We took pictures and then we saw that we could not stay there and they could even charge a fine of 100 euros, nearly died after heart knew lol.

Milocer beach

As praias of Sveti Stefan They are one of the most beautiful of all the coast of Montenegro, we almost all day there, everything is beautiful, like the place so much that we stayed until the evening to see the old medieval town of Sveti Stefan lit, then we went to our hotel Budva O Apartments Labovic, we also recommend that is very good, full, well located, clean and with a value well into account.

praias of Sveti Stefan

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