Tarragona – Antiga cidade do Império Romano

Tarragona – Ancient city of the Roman Empire

August 9, 2016 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Tarragona, It is a city on the coast of Catalonia, It is almost an hour from Barcelona, You can go and go back there on the same day, We made the train journey, the best way to go and it only cost 16 euros per person round trip (It takes about 1 hour to arrive).

Tarragona is recognized as heritage of Unesco to have many buildings of the Roman Empire.

Tarragona, It is a city on the coast of Catalonia

Things to Do in Tarragona and what are the main attractions of Tarragona.

Getting there by train station, which is very close to the city center and you can see the city almost every walk.

Things to Do in Tarragona and what are the main attractions of Tarragona.

Things to Do in Tarragona

From the train station we went straight to the Roman amphitheater, the postcard of the city, which is by the beach Tarragona, and it still leaves but beautiful.

What are the main attractions of Tarragona

The Amphitheater was built at the end of the century 2 D.C, during the Empire Heliogabalus, We were able to 15.000 people, stage for major festivals and also to judgments and deaths, since Tarragona was one of the main bases of the Roman Empire in Spain.


To enter the Amphitheater of Tarragona is paid, 3,15 euros, but you can buy a package that entitles you to visit two more buildings (Monks Tower and the Walls of Tarragona) that same time paying 7 euros, worth buying this ticket.

After we went to Amphitheater Monks Tower, which is right near the Amphitheater.

Roman amphitheater


Roman Amphitheater in Tarragona

Then, went inside the walls begin to old town, there visited the Tarragona Cathedral, the Cathedral of Sant Mary and the Fountain Plaza.

Tarragona Cathedral

Near the Cathedral also has other very legal structures, Times of wars that happened in the city, these wars were more recent.

Tarragona Catalonia

Tarragona Spain



One wall of entries, it's the St. Anthony portal, in front of the portal has a gazebo to see the Amphitheater and Tarragona beaches.

St. Anthony portal

Returning to the wall, We continue the walk through the old city center, passing through the palace square, Praça of the Nazarene and in the end the square Paiol.

Praça of the Nazarene

Praça of the Nazarene

From there we left the wall, this is where has the third monument Tour combo ticket that commented above, is a walk through the wall.



The old town is very small, so in the afternoon we went to visit other sights, We went to the Roman Forum, which is outside the old city but is very close, unlike other Roman monuments in this region has, there is 20 km from the center has a aqueoduto and the other side has a Roman portal in the middle of the road linking Tarragona to Barcelona.

Roman Forum

After passing the Roman Forum were a main avenue see a statue in honor of “Castellers” are men and women who make that famous human pyramid, which is very traditional in the city and throughout Spain.

Roman Forum

Tarragona has several festivals ensinan Roman history and struggles, see calendar of these parties in the city site.

Tarragona has several festivals

Tarragona has several festivals

Even with time, we had two tour options to, one would go to the Romano Aqueoduto or go to a beach that has a castle on the hill next to, the two would have to take a bus, so we decided to go to the beach, it was easier to go after the train station to return to Barcelona.

We took a bus on the avenue we were, and we went to Cala Jovera (Cala is like a beach, cove) it's the Tamarit Castle, this beach is very small beautiful hidden from tourists and the Tamarit Castle which is a knockout as well as the beach, Some time there enjoying the view and the sea.

Cala Jovera

To reach the beach have to do a small trail, but it is very quiet, I turn to 10 minutes.

Cala Jovera

When we decided to go to the beach, we saw that it would be easier to come back for another train station one before Tarragona, the station was Altafulla-Tamarit, and so still she has to go through another beach that adjoins the Cala Jovera, this other beach of the same name of the station.

Cala Jovera Tarragona

Cala Jovera

Tarragona Cala Jovera

This beach is not as pretty as the Cala Jovera, but it has a larger infrastructure, then we stopped at a bar on the beach and there eat some potatoes bravas and take a good wine and it was very cheap.

Castle Beach

Cala Jovera

After all this it was time to return to Barcelona, We took the last train around 21:30h, It was great the ride, we love everything, cheap, quick to arrive and beautiful.

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