Tossa de Mar, cidade antiga murada, castelo e praias deslumbrantes

Tossa de Mar, old walled city, castle and stunning beaches

September 12, 2016 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Tossa de Mar, It is a city in Spain, located in the state of the coast of Catalonia known as Costa Brava, it is 100 Km from Barcelona, the best way to go there is car rent a car in Barcelona, it has no train line.

Going by car you can go via sea that is more beautiful and slow or a part of auto track.

Tossa de Mar, It is very touristy because of its wonderful beaches and for its medieval old walled city on a hill between two beaches.

Beach to the right side of the medieval city is the most beautiful, one of the most beautiful beaches we've ever been, calls Codolar Beach or Catalan Plajta d'es Codolar, despite being of pebbles rather than sand but it is very beautiful, there has a bar where we stayed to have a beer between a dip and a sun bath.

The beach on the other side is much higher, also very beautiful but the other is more, this beach is the Bay of Tossa, from there you can make various kinds of boat ride, and you can also rent a boat and drive yourself, this exclusivity costs 150 euros.

The medieval old town with Wall and Tossa de Mar Castle is the twelfth century, It was declared a national historic monument in 1931. The construction is of century 12, but the current appearance is the end of the century 14. At the highest point of the fortification is the lighthouse, still in full operation, at the same place, are the ruins of the castle Abbot. Inside the village work shops, restaurants, museums and there are still remains of a Romanesque church and a Gothic church.

We were there in the summer, best time to enjoy the city, even if at that time the city becomes more crowded.

We take the Pri uncles are here (Barcelona), we went there by car, We took about 1:30 a.m., as soon as you enter the city leave the car in the parking lot, have many, because the city center is very difficult to walk to the car and has no parking, we had to go back to back, because the streets were getting narrow and people walking by them.

We got there by 11 am, We went straight to stroll in the Castle, It is very beautiful place not only for construction, but also the landscape around.

After the Castle, we were on the beach of Codolar, and I took the heat and went diving in these crystal clear waters, you see to the bottom of the sea. The Pri and her uncles were in a bar having a beer.

In the afternoon we went to Cadaques, but it will even gave was to stay there, but we are already thinking and go back there and stay a few days staying in the city and take advantage of some more of this amazing city.

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