December 14, 2016 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Taking advantage that Spain has various holidays equal or more to Brazil and that the companies amend the Holidays, day 6 December was a holiday here and fell on a Tuesday, second was the holiday amendment.

We learned of the existence of this holiday very close to it and decided to travel, We started researching where we go from Barcelona (where we live), we were thinking of going to Geneva in Switzerland only the shoot was very expensive, then we start to see other options that were closer and we could go by train or bus, and from the options appeared Toulouse, and so we go there 3 days, We pay more or less 72 euros for two round-trip bus.

Toulouse França

Before you start talking about Toulouse, it's good you know that in Europe the bus companies are very cheap, in most cases cheaper when compared to train and airplane, and the time it takes the train travel is almost the same bus. Here are the sites of bus companies.

We left very early from Barcelona to get there after lunch, It is five hours and some travel.


Before going there we saw on websites and blogs that had to do in town, and now we tell you what's tourist attraction and what to do in Toulouse.

Toulouse It is the fifth largest city France, it is south of the country, closer to Barcelona than Paris, It is a good stop for anyone on that path, the city lies on the banks of the river Garonne which runs from Toulouse to the delta in the Atlantic Ocean, this leaves the river and beautiful city and was where it began to be built and developed.

Toulouse It is not a cheap city to find expensive compared with Spain, beer one pint in many places was 7 euros, more expensive than we thought in Dublin already expensive, to eat in restaurants is not very cheap, but in two days we find cheap places and simpler.

Japanese garden

As soon as we arrived in the city, the bus and train station, to the hotel Ibis Budget Center , We were walking, It was very close, it has a good price and a good location, it is possible to know the city center and the main attractions on foot.

Things to Do in Toulouse and what are the main attractions in Toulouse.

On the first day. The hotel is on a street that is crossed by a channel, like the canals of Amsterdam and even some of them also have the boats as houses in Amsterdam, these channels are very pretty.

Basilica Saint-Sernin, It is a very beautiful church, but what draws the most attention it is pretty big body on top, one of the nicest we've ever seen.

Things to Do in Toulouse

What are the main attractions in Toulouse.

Basilica Saint-Sernin

Museu de Saint Raymond, only we spent in front and took out photo.

Museu de Saint Raymond

Chapel of the Carmelites (Capelle das Carméllites), It has a gorgeous images drawn on the ceiling, as in Sistine, we risk that we talk even more beautiful, before entering the chapel played with a beautiful Golden dog who was alone at the gate next to the chapel he wanted to play with us, he brought a stone for us to play, for him to catch, Pri wanted to stay there playing with him forever lol. The chapel is half hidden and little is spoken, but it is very beautiful, you need to know.

Chapel of the Carmelites (Capelle das Carméllites)

Chapel of the Carmelites (Capelle das Carméllites)

Capitole square, Capitole Theater Capitole do, They are one of the city's main attractions, the square is surrounded by bars and restaurants, the Capitole is a building with parts of the twelfth century, It was built to be the seat of government, today is the city's town hall, I do not know if it can be visited as was having a Christmas fair in the square, which made the building was fechada.A fair was great say in passing, amazing food, We will count in a bit on it.

Capitole square, Capitole Theater Capitole do

Capitole square in Toulouse

Christmas market in Toulouse (learn about the Christmas market in Paris) It is really cool because it is not only a fair of Christmas items as is the Barcelona, there is a lot of food and drink stalls and had a dish called Aligot that that first day were only an eye, It seemed a mashed potato with cheese, as we were in a hurry to meet the missing part of the city yet with the sun beating, We left to eat another day.

Toulouse Christmas Fair

Convent of the Jacobins, beyond the convent, It has a beautiful church with its well high ceilings and a beautiful stained glass, to visit the convent and the garden has to pay 4 euros, we think it was not worth it and only stayed in the church, that already was well worth it, It was very beautiful.

Convent of the Jacobins

Convent of the Jacobins

Convent of the Jacobins

Pierre School Fern, only we spent in front.

Pierre School Fern

No Porto La Daurade, Old Port and Toulouse market where came the goods coming by the Garonne river that flows through this part of southern France and has the delta in Altântico, It is a beautiful place to see the sunset and relax on the river and see all the wonderful buildings that region.

Porto La Daurade

Puerto La bream Touluse

Across the river Le Museums Instruments is the Hôtel-Dieu Saint-Jacques, It is a beautiful building, day and night, because he gets all iluminado.Ele is an old hospital and now it houses the administrative center of University Hospital in Toulouse , and the European Institute of Telemedicine.

Le Museums Instruments

Hôtel-Dieu Saint-Jacques

We crossed to the other side of the St. Peter ponte, which is a more modern bridge made of steel, but also very pretty.

St. Peter ponte

Hospital La Grave and its Summit, this summit leaves much beautiful scenery, we made a video that is worth seeing.

Hospital La Grave and its Summit

Museum of History of Medicine, It is behind the Hôtel-Dieu Saint-Jacques and instrument museum.

Museum of History of Medicine

Olivier Square, have a pretty good source.

Olivier Square

Municipal Gallery of Châteu-d'Eau, It looks like a lighthouse of those who are in the back country to warn boats, but was formerly the city's water tower, It was constructed in 1823 and today as the name says has a gallery.

Municipal Gallery of Châteu-d'Eau,

We passed the laying New, the most beautiful bridge and ancient city is also all made of stone arches, for us is the postcard of the city, Many hours enjoying the view of the port de la Daurade.

Nine laying Toulouse

laying New

Igreja Our Lady of the Sea Bream, Toulouse has several churches that call Notre Dame, which is the same name as the famous church of Paris, we do not think very beautiful and inside is very dark.

We stopped to eat near the square of the Capitole, we were already starving because it was late afternoon and we had just eaten a snack on the bus, We ate at a kebab life, but I do not know if it was hungry but was excellent.

Igreja Our Lady of the Sea Bream

Igreja Our Lady of the Sea Bream

We went back to the river to see the river and the buildings during the night and also to drink a beer at Le Bar Basque Toulouse, the bar is very beautiful inside and has a garden outside but it is very expensive, 7 euros one pint, one drink and went looking for another bar, right next to the Pri saw that had a bar that was rolling a happy hour and beer came in twice, then speak we are the same and ordered two pint (500ml) and they came 2 liters of beer in those super cups, cost is 10 euros, much cheaper, and I was still rolling a show in the bar of a famous rock group in Toulouse that their album was a unicorn symbol, then had several people coming on the show dressed in Unicorn pity that did not take photo it was very funny, only we found it because we were curious mega and research on the internet lol.

Toulouse night



In the second day, we started by Church of Saint Aubin, beside her on Sundays has a crafts fair of food and other items, Toulouse has enough street fair, We spent at least about three.

Church of Saint Aubin

Church of Saint Aubin

Church of Saint Aubin

Toulouse Cathedral, very beautiful, It has a beautiful body more beautiful than the first church we visited, It means the construction is different inside seems to have built together two churches.

Toulouse Cathedral

Toulouse Cathedral

Next to the City Hall had a Palace Neil , who was in the city map, It is a very beautiful building, It can not seem to visit and does not even appear in Google maps.

Palace Neil

Royal Garden and Grand Rond, They were closed do not know why, They seem to be very beautiful from what we saw on the outside and the least understood is that the source inside the park was working, even with the closed park.

Soon after the Plantes garden I had a very nice restaurant, in a Garden,front to a pond, It is an excellent place for lunch.

Theater of Toulouse not worth it, We passed on and there is nothing beautiful, It is a beautiful avenue that's all.

Theater of Toulouse

Palace of Justice equal to the Theater

Point Saint Michel, another bridge crossing the river Garonne, It is not so beautiful as the other bridges, but it has a very nice view of the city.

Point Saint Michel

Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez in Toulouse

Igreja Notre Dame Dalbade, another church called Notre-Dame, It was closed and we could not enter, but the beautiful places are the convents we speak up and cathedral.

Igreja Notre Dame Dalbade

We had lunch at a restaurant called Café Italien, the food was good, a bit expensive, but good.

After lunch we pass in front of the Dis Augustins Museum, Sanit chapel of Jean Baptiste and the Church of Saint Jerome, places are ok nothing too.

Dis Augustins Museum

We returned to the square of the Capitole, which I was going on the Christmas fair, we stopped there for a beer because it was a beautiful place only at the fair that even the beer was expensive 5 euros, Barcelona or Spain with 5 euros you can take a two or three there was one, I think we are spoiled.

We went to the grocery store that was on the side of the fair and bought beer there even, and we were drinking on the river bank, so it was cheaper and had the best view of the city that is the river Garonne and the port de la Daurade.

Garonne River and the port of la Daurade

After enjoying the sunset at the port la, we return to the square of the Capitole in to finally eat so request Aligot, a very delicious dish made of mashed potato with cheese, It could not be bad with these two ingredients, this cheese mashed leaves the middle pulls pulls and is wonderfully good, It makes you want to eat more and it was very cheap .


Toulouse in France

Museum AirBus (Museu Aeroscopio)

On the third day, We think about going on Museum AirBus (Museu Aeroscopio), But the museum is from the city, and had no public transport to get there, the museum even has a flight simulator, but it costs a little expensive 100 euros, for those who like that sort of ride should be very cool. Another place to go is spent on City Espacio (quote L'Espace) but too far from downtown and had no way to public transport so we were not in either.

How did not go to these places we went to another side of the city and found a beautiful Japanese garden, near where we were, We stayed there a while enjoying the beautiful scenery and the calm of the place.

Japanese garden

Japanese garden

Then there were the Canal de Brienne, It is yet another city canal, beautiful place but not so cool, that channel goes to the river Garonne, where we once again enjoying this amazing city location making time to get the time to go to the bus station to go away.

Canal de Brienne

Already going towards the hotel we passed two other churches that were in the city map, only one was closed and the other is half hidden and we had to take a walk around the block to find the door, It is cute inside but only.


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