Transferência de moeda estrangeira, a Transferwise abaixou mais ainda as taxas!

foreign currency transfer, the Transferwise lowered further rates!

October 25, 2017 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

We've talked to the TurMundial you who follow us that the fastest way, easy, with lower rates and better prices to foreign currency transfers is to Transferwise. We use this service for more than 2 years, since we saw that the government of Brazil and the national and international banks were charging outrageous fees for making any kind of transfer, for example if you make purchases with credit card, or use your international debit card or prepaid travel card (eg Visa TravelMoney), or international transfer, the starting you will always have to pay at least more 6,38% the IOF, out banks when they make international transfers they charge you in income tax.

And today we received even better news, Besides the Transferwise be cheaper, she further lowered the fees charged for sending UK money to some countries, the new rates are: UK sending money to the euro zone and Switzerland, the rate fell 0,5% for 0,35%. If you are sending money to United States, the rate fell 0,5% for 0,4%. And if you are sending from the UK to Australia, the rate fell 0,7% for 0,45%.

To send money to the UK Brazil became cheaper also fell 1,5% for 1,4% sending to Transferwise.

See the full list of countries that have dropped the fees charged for receiving money from the United Kingdom, the text is en English.

Interested? Want to know more about how to use the Transferwise? See our explanatory post.

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