Tunísia, cenário de filmes como Star Wars e Paciente Inglês

Tunisia, movie scene as Star Wars and English Patient

July 16, 2018 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

O the Tunisian desert was movie scene as Star Wars and English Patient and many others, we were aware of these scenarios not only for being scenarios, but because they are amazing places.

The desert of Tunisia is the famous Sahara desert stretching from Morocco to Egypt, morrow after the trip we saw a program on Discovery that the Sahara desert arose more than 3 millions of years and that each 10 one thousand years back to green and full of forests by 200 years, then back to a new desert, amazing right? And the desert has a lot of water under which are the aquifers, is because of these groundwater there are oases of Chebika as it is near that region of filming, more forward talk of Tunisian Oasis.

Coming back to the Sahara desert in Tunisia and the Star Wars movie.

deserto do Sahara na Tunísia e o filme Star Wars

Star Wars IV

In the desert they made a village where he lived in the fictional Luke Skywalker in Episode IV of filmology, it there in the years 1977 or 1978, the village is still all mounted like in the movie, and for those who like the same movie we, It is very cool and interesting to know this place, Today the village has become a tourist attraction in Tunisia and has many souvenir shops, with movie theme.

vila onde viveu na ficção o Luke Skywalker no episódio IV

In the case of the English Patient was filmed in the Tunisian Sahara desert, It was all part of the film in the desert, the dunes and the amazing salt lake.

Tunísia, cenário de filmes como Paciente Inglês

Sahara da Tunísia

Both scenarios are well into the desert, and some highlights you can see Algeria, there has no village or town near, that is closer is the city of Tozeur, where many people staying there to experience the wonders of the region, a hotel that we have seen and visited and found great and beautiful, it's the El Mouradi Tozeur an excellent hotel to stay.

El Mouradi Tozeur um excelente hotel para se hospedar

Onde ficar em Tozeur

Besides visiting the scenarios, Cool the tour we did with the Voyages & Recreation in Tunisia (VLT) reserve with Ghassen +216 52 804 841 (Whatsapp) a Tunisian who speaks 6 languages ​​including Portuguese, He was strolling through the dunes, Salt Lake hair, see a lot of wild camels, an amazing and very different scenario than we are used, a more beautiful landscape than the other. We definitely recommend this place to know.

Camelos selvagens no deserto do Sahara

Lago de sal na Tunísia en Tozeur

Christian Gutierrez e Priscila Gutierrez no Deserto do Sahara

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