TurMundial fecha parceria com TicketBar

TurMundial close partnership with TicketBar

September 19, 2016 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

The TurMundial have another update for you, We closed a wonderful partnership with TicketBar to further facilitate the life of us travelers.

TicketBar It is a company specializing in the sale of tickets / tickets / tickets online and is recognized worldwide, the quality and security of its services, tickets are for various attractions, in many places in the world.

Now, you can buy tickets for various attractions around the world here for our TurMundial blog, discount and without the worry of running wasting time and patience in queues during your trip!

Advantages of buying here by TurMundial blog:

  • You can buy all your tickets in one place before the trip;
  • Cost X benefit: Here you can afford buying cheaper;
  • Avoid queues for attractions;
  • Freedom and flexibility to plan their trips in the attractions that do not need to schedule date or visiting hours;
  • Portuguese in information;
  • securely and reliably purchase;
  • No waiting: your ticket is sent by email;
  • Contribute to our blog, receiving a commission for every ticket sold and no additional cost to you!

For you to feel at home, O TicketBar He developed a special sales platform, with excellent usability, where you can search and buy tickets. Everything is very easy and practical!

How to buy in Ticketbar?

  • Among this link.
  • Choose the destination of your trip and see all the tickets available for purchase;
  • No menu to esquerda, you can choose the type of attraction that you want, as: excursions, museums, Night life, etc;
  • After finding the tour you want, click Information and Tickets;
  • Read the information, put the date of visit, select how many tickets you buy;
  • Fill in the blanks with your personal information, select the payment method, it's ready!! He saw how easy it is?!

The entire service is provided by TicketBar.
If you have any questions about the buying process or about the ticket information to some attraction, contact the customer service department of Ticketbar by email customerservice@ticketbar.nl