TurMundial na Irlanda em 2015!!

TurMundial in Ireland 2015!!

February 3, 2015 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

People, we want to tell a novelty for you!! The TurMundial will be new home from April, we will live in Europe Uhuuu, more precisely in Dublin, capital Ireland. And hopefully we can travel a lot there and show it to you.

In this post we will begin to tell you how it was and how it is being planning this change. It all started with a desire to live abroad, thought about it since mid 2013, from there to here, several things began to happen, which made the idea go to fruition increasingly…

I was not happy with my job, the company I worked for 13 years in total and loved, It was a time that did not go through good times and began to greatly influence the behavior of staff and as a result the motivation of many, and I include myself in that, por isso pedi demissão agora em janeiro. Antes de pedir demissão cheguei a abrir uma empresa, I tried to innovate with some things, because I was tired of the corporate world, but unfortunately also did not work.

At the same time, Pri also was not a good time in the company she worked and resigned in setembro.Mas before we ask dismissal, we were with everything planned and bought, passes, courses (let's do an English course there), insurance, etc. and after all bought, We decided to tell all. There've seen right…We hear everything you can imagine, there will: “You are crazy”, “Ah there is very cold, you will die there”, “How will you work there?”, “You already have work right?”, “That's right you need to do it”, “It will be a maximum”, “They have to go even”!!It was a very quiet thing lol. But when we decided something, honestly we do not care much with other people's opinion, but we can not do anything, because sometimes what is happiness for us, It is not for you and respect that, so we only hear, without retort much lol.

But yes, I assume it was a crazy mix of, throw it all away, We had a longer lifetime prissy, each with their job, cart, the apartment itself, we do not have anymore 18 years, but at the same time we were well thought out and planned not to die of hunger there lol. And as we have no children, We find it easier to do this kind of thing now, it just us 2, are in their 30 and we do not have to worry us. And if the case fails (but will give!!!Crossing my fingers) back to Brazil… But the idea is to stay as much as you give (hopefully forever), because we want to have a beautiful experience, traveling to new places, learning about new cultures and to speak an English better.

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