Vacina contra a febre amarela e validade do Certificado Internacional de Vacinação

Vaccination against yellow fever and validity of International Certificate of Vaccination

January 25, 2018 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Last week without knowing about the huge outbreak is having yellow fever in Brazil, I Pri, went “renovate” my yellow fever vaccine here in Barcelona, since my last was in 2008 (time he had to take the vaccine every 10 years), but I found that now no longer need and that there is more expiration date, that is, those who have taken once, do not need more.

I was happy and sad, glad I did not need to take again, but sad for not having researched better about it before and have paid the query cost 40 euros, only for medical tell me this. I'm glad I was only, because as Chris had taken the last in 2015 theoretically it would need to take again only 2025, but now the rules have changed, also you do not need to take more. But even reading in several places that did not renew CIVP (International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis) to travel, I renewed for free, for the new expiration date. Here's how I did.

I decided “renovate” the vaccine because like I anticipate, to have no problem on any trip, then so I'm alerting our readers, those who already have the yellow fever vaccine and already has CIVP need not take again, who has not CIVP and will travel to any country requiring vaccine:

Follow these steps certified international yellow fever vaccine:

1Step ° - Take the required vaccine.

The interested can get the vaccine for free at a health clinic or SUS should seek private vaccination services accredited.

Yellow fever vaccine should be taken in advance, no minimum, 10 (ten) days before travel.

Because of the outbreak of yellow fever in Brazil might be more difficult to get the vaccine.

2Step No. – Perform pre-register in SISPAFRA.

To expedite the issuance of the certificate (international certificate of yellow fever vaccination), the applicant must hold a pre-registration at the address, click on the "new register" or the "register".

Note: For scheduling the traveler must carry out the pre-registration. In Traveler Advice Centers – VOC where the schedule is available, Pre-registration is required.

3Th Step - Attend the establishment that deliver CIVP.

For the issue of CIVP, it is essential to the physical presence of the person concerned since the issue is subject to the signature traveler, as provided in the RDC 21 of 31/03/2008, Item III of the Art. 1Of Annex II.

It is recommended to contact directly with the nearest Guidance Center to accurately know their opening hours.

4Step th - present the necessary documents to issue the CIVP

The person concerned shall submit the national vaccination card and an original identity document with photo.

The card must be filled in correctly with the administration date, manufacturer and batch of vaccine, signature of the individual who made the application and health unit identification which occurred vaccine application.

They are accepted as identity documents Identity Card (RG), the passport, a valid driver's license (CNH), among other documents. The presentation of the birth certificate is accepted for children under 18 (eighteen) years. It is emphasized that children from 9 (new) months have begun the vaccination schedule. The indigenous population which has no documentation is released from the identity document presentation.

Provide travel voucher to the country with the requirement CIVP.

Child / minor teen 18 years

lower the presence of the child or adolescent is not required to 18 (eighteen) years when parents or guardians of this request the submission of its CIVP the Guidance Centers for Travelers' Health.

For those who are abroad, as we, I followed the steps below, even already having CIVP, and the doctor saying he did not, because all airports already had the information and reading in several sites that do not need the 2nd copy of CIVP, even so I sent an email to the Brazilian consulate here in Barcelona, requesting the duplicate with the validity for life, to have no problem to enter other countries that require this vaccine.:

For the issuance of the 2nd pathway International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (CiVPi) Brazilian traveler who is outside, citizens should:

1 – look for the Brazilian consulate and make a request stating your personal data (name, date of birth, identity document, CPF);

2 - The consulate will send the request with this information via institutional e-mail to the technical area of ​​ANVISA responsible for issuing;

3 – The team will identify the traveler Anvisa registering at SISPAFRA and generates the 2nd pathway CIVP, sending it by e-mail responding to the request of the Consulate;

4 - The consulate will be instructed to issue the CIVP, stamp it and sign it, delivering it to the user.

I sent the Monday email and they answered me 8 days later telling me they already had my new certificate with the new expiry date, (to life for all) so I seek and I already have my new certificate, It was very simple and the best, for free. See the photo of my new certificate.

certificado internacional vacina febre amarela

And for people who can not take the vaccine against yellow fever, follow the information below:

For cases where the vaccination or prophylaxis is contraindicated, the traveler must present a certificate Vaccination Waiver Medical, written in English or French.

To facilitate, We provide the exemption certificate model. The certificate can be apresnetado in another model, provided it contains the same information.

The medical certificates information contraindication to vaccination can be inserted in register SISPAFRA to issue the Immunization Exemption Certificate. However, it is important to clarify that this form of documentation has the same validity and international recognition that the certificate carried out by a doctor in English or French.

The International Health Regulations – RSI establishes that health authorities should consider this document, but it may still apply other control measures by the destination country.

Possible contraindications are standardized by the National Immunization Program of the Ministry of Health, as set forth below:

Yellow fever vaccination is contraindicated for the following groups:

  • Patients with primary immunodeficiency or acquired;
  • Individuals with immunosuppression secondary to disease or therapies;
  • Imunossupressoras (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, corticosteroids at high doses);
  • Patients using anti-metabolic drugs or drugs modifying the course of disease (Infliximabe, Etanercepte, Golimumabe, Certolizumabe, Abatacept, Belimumabe, Ustequinumabe, Canaquinumabe, Tocilizumabe, Ritoximabe);
  • Transplant and patients with oncological diseases in chemotherapy;
  • Individuals who experienced severe hypersensitivity reaction or neurological disease after previous dose of the vaccine;
  • Individuals with severe allergic reaction to egg;
  • Patients with a history of thymus disease (miastenia grave, timoma).


What is the validity of the yellow fever vaccine?

Now the International Certificate of Yellow Fever Vaccination is worth 10 years.

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