Vai para Barcelona? Onde ficar e se hospedar?

Go to Barcelona? Where to stay and stay?

June 30, 2017 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, has beaches, parties, museums, ruins and Roman buildings, It has a whole different style of architecture due to the modernism of the master Antoni Gaudí, It has mountains with incredible views of the city, many parks, excellent dining options in short Barcelona is a wonderful city.

By having so many things and be a great city to the European standards, many people who live here know always ask what the best place to stay in Barcelona? Where should I stay in Barcelona? So we created this text to help people stay in a good place, in a good area and enjoy it to the fullest.

Before speaking of some hotels Barcelona, let's talk a little about Barcelona neighborhoods, the main neighborhoods or city districts are: Graces, Eixample, Gothic and Raval.

The Gothic Quarter also known as the Born and Raval, are the oldest neighborhoods in the city, They are right in the old city center, neighborhoods are formed by small and ancient streets, but with many tourist attractions, It is a very busy neighborhood, actually are the busiest neighborhoods, with a great choice of hotels, but for some people it can be a neighborhood with a lot of noise and a lot of people.

Where to stay in Barcelona

The Eixample neighborhood is already a neighborhood with wider streets, Great avenues, Newer buildings, more chic than the first two quarters we speak, and with many tourist attractions such as the Sagrada Familia, It is a more peaceful place, without the bustle of other districts, but with plenty of bars and restaurants, as it is common throughout the city.

Hotel Casa Fuster

The Gràcia neighborhood is considered one of the city's neighborhoods, is usually where people who are not tourists or immigrants live, one also neighborhood with wide streets and some parts with narrow streets, no center, has it all, one of the main attractions of the neighborhood is the Park Güell, You do not have many hotel options, but it is a good place to stay in Barcelona.

Hotels indicated in the Raval and Gothic are:

  • Hotel Duquesa de Cardona, a more upscale hotel with a beautiful terrace and pool (rooftop) facing the Port Vell;
  • Tryp Apolo, a hotel of Meliá Hotel Chain, great place to stay, we have some friends who work in this hotel, recently my aunt Stayed there and loved;
  • Hotel Barcelona House, simpler than the first two hotels, but very good, last winter was an uncle this hotel and also loved;
  • Hostel Fernando, hostel option in the neighborhood, good location and cheap, a friend of ours stayed there and liked;

Hotels that are indicated in Eixample:

Hotels that are indicated in Gràcia:

  • Casa Fuster, the hotel is built in the beautiful old mansion Fuster family, It is a wonderful hotel, often to take a wine or cava on the hotel terrace (coverage) which has a lovely view of the city, this is quite chic and expensive;
  • Hotel Ronda Lesseps, an average hotel that is right next to the Park Güell, a region with access to enough public transport and an area of ​​more quiet town;
  • Sant Jordi Hostels – Gracia, a network of ideal hostel for backpackers who are traveling alone or with friends.

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