Vai viajar pelas estradas da Romênia? Veja nossas dicas

Will travel the roads of Romania? See our tips

March 9, 2020 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

He is planning to meet Romania in a drive? Here we give you some tips on roads Romania.

A Romania It is a very interesting Eastern European country, It is very cheap to travel there, the hotels, restaurants, bars and are cheap, the country's currency the Romanian leu (conversion to the euro is almost equal to the Brazilian real, I turn to 4,80 Leu, vale 1 euro), and even thinking in euros, a restaurant there is half the price of a restaurant in most tourist places such as the Spain or France.

The country has wonderful regions to meet, the coast has cities like Vama Veche, Eforie Nord e Mamaia, your capital Bucharest is beautiful, but the most beautiful part of the country is the region of Transylvania, we made a script all over the coast of Romania and another screenplay by Transylvania (Sinaia, rasnov, Brasov, Bran), We traveled there more than 1,000km, by roads of all kinds.

Before we go there, while planning the trip, when we were choosing the cities we would know, also we researched on the roads of Romania, We found little information and some talking to take care on the roads, because they said that the people there were dangerous overtaking, who ran badly, para ter cuidado com o povo romeno, eles são famosos em toda a Europa por falarem que eles gostam de levar vantagem e muitas vezes praticam roubos em outros países.

Us had no problem on the road, they have not addressed so bad, drove like other countries, the roads are mostly single lane, but until you are good, We took many with improvement works and therefore with light transits and the people were super friendly, helpful, and we had no problem with theft on the trip made by the population, not to mention that everything was perfect, back in Romania, to enter in Bulgaria, on the border between the two countries to police the border of part of Romania gave a stolen on us making that we had to pay a fee more, and we had already paid for everything and had vouchers, and we knew it was all right with the rates and the car, We did a post on stolen by the police, if you want to know more we better what happened.

Border with Romania

Coming back to the roads, as I said are mostly single lane, only when it is very close to Bucharest (the capital) the roads have dual carriageways, the country is investing heavily in the improvement of roads, was quiet drive through roads, these trips we do drive in new places, always we drove during the day, for the night it is all a bit harder, so we prefer not to risk it and go during the day.

Romania has no toll roads, we only have to pay a tax to circulate on the roads, this tax is paid at the video store or on the borders of countries, as we rented the car in Sofia na Bulgaria, We pay the tax at the border, the tax has a low value and is paid by the amount of days you will be in the country, pay for seven days and stay there for five days.

These are our tips on the roads of Romania, we hope we helped a little in your planning.


Plan your trip

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