Valle de Bohí ou Vale de Boi, no norte da Catalunha

Valle de Bohí or Vale de Boi, in northern Catalonia

March 15, 2018 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

O Valle de Bohí or Vale de Boi, It is a region north of the autonomous community of Catalonia near the border with Aragon, very close to the Pyrenees (the northern Alps of Spain), Part of the community is well known for two attractions, the ski station of Bohi Taull and the routes of the Roman churches tenth century.

We went there in the autumn very end with the intention of skiing at the station for a day, touring the Roman church the other day, and free as it was a public holiday here in Spain, and in this day off we ended up going on another ski station which is right nearby the station resort of Baqueira-Beret which is one of the largest stations in Spain.

This region has many small towns well, but have hotels, we were in the city of Plan Hermitage, no hotel ElBouquet, We chose this city to be the closest to the ski station, which is about 8km and has free parking.

The ski station of Boi Taull is the highest in Spain, but it is not as big as it was not yet winter season was little snow,then just did a basic esquibunda, what many people also makes this sport along with sleds, we love it and go back to being a kid.

As I commented the other attraction of this Boi Valley region are 8 Roman churches tenth century, all are stones with a very medieval style, that people love, each church is in a different city and has many people who make tracks that pass through all these churches, we did drive it lol.

We know almost all of them, only missed one that was good hard road to reach, We spent the following churches:

Birth of Durres

La Nativitat de Durro

Santa Eulalia in Erill la Vall

Santa Eulàlia d'Erill la Vall

Church of San Juan

Església de Sant Joan

Santa Maria de Taüll

Santa Maria de Taüll

Church of Sant Climent

Valle de Bohí or Vale de Boi

Sant Joan de Boi

Sant Joan De Boí

Ermita de San Quirc Durres
San Quirc Taüll
Sant Feliu de Barruera

Sant Feliu de Barruera

These churches have beautiful Roman paintings on the walls, and all are recognized as historical heritage and every city has its charm.

igrejas tem lindas pinturas romanas nas paredes

igrejas tem lindas pinturas romanas nas paredes

Some of them are lit at night and also tourist attraction by night, as can be seen in Sant Climent de Taüll.

Igreja de Sant Climent de Taüll

This region has activities throughout the year, and is very close to Barcelona, the best way to go there is by car, If you do not have car as we, rent, it has no train there and the bus is not easy to know this whole beautiful region.