Varsóvia, a capital da Polônia, cheia de história pra contar

Warsaw, the capital of Poland, full of stories to tell

January 11, 2017 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Warsaw, to unusual Poland's capital, It was completely destroyed during World War II and rebuilt at the time of the Socialist, nowadays, It is part of the European Union, but still uses the Euro currency.

A Poland is getting trendy Brazilians coming to Europe and those who live here, it is through the local currency as well be devalued against the Euro, and because it is very cheap things in the country, from food, drink even ski in the town of Zakopane.

Warsaw, the capital of Poland, full of stories to tell

This post about Warsaw is a little late, because we just posting other in front, but today it finally came out !Eba!.

We went there in early November 2015, aindaestávamos when living in Dublin, today already live in Barcelona.


We took advantage of the cheap Ryanair flights out of the capital of Ireland, headed 4 days and 3 nights to Warsaw and Krakow (the post of Krakow is already written), Poland is far from the major European tourist centers, but recently it has attracted much public to visit the country, because there is all much cheaper than the rest of Europe.

The main places that has attracted visitors are Warsaw, Krakow for being a city with lots of culture and history, because from there and can go to the concentration camp (Aushwitz) that many people find it in Germany, but not, it is in Poland, another highly visited town is Zakopane it is a very cheap ski resort and attracts people from all over Europe.

We rented an apartment in Warsaw by Airbnb near the central station city train (central Warsaw) It is a good place to stay, because it's near the main tourist attractions and all you can do on foot. It is also easy to go from the airport to there, It has buses that make this route, and it's quite cheap.

Warsaw attractions the capital of Poland and what are the major attractions in Warsaw.

We got there late in the day, almost overnight, but he has to get inside one of the main attractions of Warsaw which is the Culture and Science Palace, a beautiful building day and night and then went to the super tourist Hard Rock Cafe which was near there.

Warsaw attractions the capital of Poland and what are the major attractions in Warsaw

On the morning of the second day, we know the city, and whenever it is possible to know the towns on foot, we passed by National Gallery of Art (Zacheta – National Gallery of Art).

What are the main attractions of Warsaw

No Park or Garden Ogród Saski a cute park that was on our way to go to other places, as you can see in the picture below it was quite cold, in winter the city has extremely low temperatures and snow also in the city, we were in the autumn it was already very cold.

Warsaw attractions the capital of Poland

Park or Garden Ogród Saski

Even in autumn and winter the parks are well maintained and has to flowers in the garden.

The Park is the monument to fallen soldiers (Tombo of the Unknow Soldier), in Warsaw there are many things about the Second World War, They say it was the country that suffered most from the war.

ombo of the Unknow Soldier

In front of the park is Military Ordinariate of Poland.

Military Ordinariate of Poland

We arrived at the main rua de Varsovia Krakowskie Przedmiescie, that crosses several important monuments and buildings of the city, this also and the old town, the historic center.

rua de Varsovia Krakowskie Przedmiescie

On this street is the Palácio Tyszkiewicz it's the Presidential Palace in Warsaw.

Tyszkiewiczów Palace and the Presidential Palace in Warsaw

This street and some other city streets have banks on the street play Chopin's music, one of the great composers Poles, and each bank plays one of his classic symphonies.

banks on the street play Chopin's music

A Igreja de Anne's Academic Church, when it was closed and did not seem to be a church.

Igreja de Anne's Academic Church

Before the entry in what would be the old walled city of Warsaw (Poland's capital), está about Grand View Terrace, an old building with a beautiful tower and clock.

Warsaw (Poland's capital)

Early in the Old Town is the Palácio Pod Blacha on one side and on the other the Branicki Palace.

Palácio Pod Blacha

There also is a part of what would be the ancient wall.

ancient wall of warsaw in poland

A Sigismund or Zygmunt column column, erected in 1644, It is one of the most famous sights of Warsaw and one of the oldest monuments of Europe North.

Sigismund or Zygmunt column column

Royal Castle (The Royal Castle) and a former royal palace that serves today as the Senate as well as the official residence of Polish kings.

Royal Castle (The Royal Castle)

In the old town it is also Gallery Castle Square.

We passed the Igreja de St. Martins (St. Martin´S Church) and for Basilica Archakatekatedralma (Basilica Archakatekatedralma) that name and we have no idea how to say it.

Igreja de St. Martins (St. Martin´S Church) and the basilica Archakatekatedralma (Basilica Archakatekatedralma)

Right in the center of the old town has Old market, full of bars and restaurants.

Warsaw Old Market

In the wall of the tip has Sigsmundi's clock, it's just a very different clock in a "home".

Sigsmundi's clock

We returned to the square to make a stop for lunch and give a warmed body, this time of year the terraces of the restaurants are closed, We ate the U Barssa, a good restaurant, a strong food to help in the cold.

After this great stop continue on the tour already at the other end of the city is the Forte Staromiejskie (Fortifications of Old Town) E Little Insurgent Monument, It looks like a medieval castle, It is very beautiful.

Forte Staromiejskie (Fortifications of Old Town) E Little Insurgent Monument

best forward was a place that I saw on the map, O Forte Legions (Fort Legions) and Remualda Trauguta park, not worth it, besides being far.

So far we had to go back tram, because of fatigue.

In autumn the early days darken and returned to the room of the apartment, at the train station has a mini mall and there was a Japanese restaurant / Asian amazing and very cheap called Bioway, We love more, for it was long since I ate Japanese food.

On the third day we went to another part of town where is the Parque Bathrooms, a beautiful park, even in autumn, where the leaves of the trees are of various colors (red, orange and yellow) very worthwhile.

Parque Bathrooms

The park has several red squirrels, It is a very different color of living in Ireland and the United Unido.Adoramos.

red squirrel

Inside the park is the Palace Belwederski, the home of the president of Poland.

Belwederski Palace

Also within the park in the most beautiful part of it, It has a lake and an island in that lake, and there is the Uruskich Palace, it seems is a place for big events.

Uruskich palace in Warsaw

This park is very large and has several monuments within it, It is a place that really worth knowing.

Park Warsaw

Beside Park Łazienki Park has Parque Marshal Edward Rydz Pydza, it is not as beautiful as the other, but as I was on the road, we enter.

Parque Marshal Edward Rydz Pydza

In the park exit, They are Museum (Museum of the Earth of Polish Academy of Sciences) and the Arms Museum of World War II (Museum of the Polish Army), We entered for free, on the outside, fears about fences, aircraft and rockets that are of the World War II era, inside the museum, It has things other times.

Museum (Museum of the Earth of Polish Academy of Sciences)

WWII Arms Museum (Museum of the Polish Army)

National Museum of Warsaw (The National Museum in Warsaw)

Right next door is the National Museum of Warsaw (The National Museum in Warsaw), who just spent in front.

Soon after we went to Frederick Chopin Museum (Fryderyk Chopp), for those who enjoy classical music is a mandatory place.

Frederick Chopin Museum (Fryderyk Chopp)

That day we ate at a McDonald's same for the day and not spend much money.

We passed and entered the Church of the Holy Cross (Church of the Holy Cross), the churches of Warsaw do not think so beautiful, as the churches of other cities in Europe.

Igreja da Santa Cruz (Church of the Holy Cross)

Igreja da Santa Cruz (Church of the Holy Cross)

Also in the second day we visited the Sky View Culture and Science Palace. One of main attraction only that the Poles do not like him very much, because it was a gift given by the former USSR, it was not a good period in Poland's history. The view was very pretty and leaving went to eat in a German bar and then returned home, because the next day we had to wake up early to go to Krakow.

Culture and Science Palace

Palace of Culture and Science Symbol of the city of Warsaw

In the Fourth day we went to Krakow, see the post here.

We returned late from Krakow and by the next day morning soon took a bus in front of the Culture and Science Palace to go to the airport and back to Dublin.


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