Vestígios romanos em Barcelona, uma caminhada através do tempo

Roman remains in Barcelona, a walk through time

November 28, 2016 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Roman remains in Barcelona, a walk through Barcino the ancient Roman city that gave birth to Barcelona. Living in Barcelona you discover another town, that goes beyond the Gaudí buildings (Holy Family, Casa Mila, Batlló and Park Guell house), Ramblas, do Barcelona FC, the beaches and the exciting nightlife of the city. Most of the best known streets of Barcelona, Rua Paseo de Gracia Hospital egg, They are built on top of Roman ruins.

The best way to understand what was the Roman city is good through the area of ​​the old city wall.

By this way we will find all kinds of Roman remains.

A good place to start the ride is on the street Paradis, street which is behind the Barcelona Cathedral and near the Plaça Sant Jaume, there you will see engraved on the floor a sign that indicates the exact center of Mons Taber (first Roman settlement, Barcelona last in Roman times called Barcino) there is the Roman Temple of Augustus.

A parade Llibreteria, It was originally Cardus Maximus, the main road leading to Rome.

Following towards Piazza del Rei, is the Barcelona History Museum (Roman ruins), which houses an underground excavation one of the largest Roman sites in Europe with more than 4,000m2 of Roman ruins.
Going to the street Tapineria find the Plaza Ramon Berenguer here is the largest stretch of Roman Wall which is still standing, and is connected to Real Palau.

In Capellans street with street Duran i Bas, exist four arches of the aqueduct.

Turning left and toward the Portal de l'Angel, We arrived in the square Villa de Madrid, which is Romanian necropolis, with visible graves.

Returning to the cathedral, na rua de la Palla, and a little more forward, We find traces of Roman Wall which were discovered in the late 80.

Next to the Barcelona Cathedral, We find traces of Roman aqueduct.

No Number 4 Baths are located Rua da New Farm, a nice cafe which houses a fragment of Roman Wall at the rear.
Moving forward until you reach the street Milans, turn left onto Gignas and at the junction with Regomir street you will find the remains of fourth Gate sea, overlooking the beach and the Roman shipyard.

We walked down the street Regomir to visit one of the most important relics of Barcino, Lemon or Patio, This civic center is built on the Ruins of a Roman bath house dating from the first century

After the Ran Vell street to find more fragments of the old wall and Traginers square where we will see a sign of the city's past, an Roman Tower and an edge of the stone wall, In perfect condition.

Arriving at the Place de l'Àngel walk the Sots-Tinent Navarro Street, it also has a vast expanse of Roman walls. Link to view the map.

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