Viajar com criança para Barcelona

Traveling with children to Barcelona

January 25, 2017 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

What to do with his son on a trip to Barcelona here we list some city attractions for you to take your child.

Barcelona is an amazing city to enjoy with friends, girlfriend(O), wife, husband and family, there is so much to do that you will learn, you lose your breath and enjoy as a child.

Tibidabo Park Atraçoes
More of 500 meters above sea level is the Tibidabo amusement park, he is legendary in Barcelona, and Heaven's Way, which are the most iconic attractions like the carousel or plane. Magic Mountain Montjuic Tibidabo is also a privileged view of Barcelona. By the way, you can take the funicular (kind of a cable car) to get to the park.

Tibidabo Park Atraçoes

Free entrance for children under 90 cm.

park Guell
The Park Güell and the Dragon, Barcelona are one of the city's icons, It is located in uptown, It has over 100 years of history and is one of the architectural gems of the brilliant Antoni Gaudí. The steps Dragon, the Hypostyle Hall, Plaza de la Nature or Austria Gardens are just some of its most emblematic spaces.

park Guell

We recommend that you purchase the entrance via the Internet to be faster and also you will get rid of the queues.

Labyrinth Park
This park brings the gardens to the museum category. The Labyrinth Park (Horta Labyrinth) It is the oldest garden in Barcelona, dating from the eighteenth century and was born as a neoclassical garden. Its name comes from a cypress maze (trees like pine) perfectly treated like something out of a story.

The park is free.

Labyrinth Park

Cosmo Caixa
The museum, It has over 50.000 m2 of facilities that will leave you with your mouth open, the exhibition spaces are permanent, as the Planetarium, the Geological Wall and flooded forest, are the true stars of the museum.

free admission for children 16 years and customers La Caixa, 4 euros for others.

Barcelona Bosc Urba
We're going to the newest Barcelona one zip line 120 meters. no park, We find the Forest Urban Forum in Barcelona, an adventure park with more than 50 attractions, including zip line, networking, Shoe, bungee jumping, etc. It has different circuits designed to enjoy with family, reserved for the more daring.
The prices vary according to the employed circuit: orange circuit, 4-10 years or even 130 cm; blue circuit, more of 8 years or 130 cm; and Red circuit, more of 145 cm.

Ciutadella park
Barcelona Ciutadella Park for us is the most beautiful park, It is one of the best places to visit with family, its green areas, a lake with small boats (your kids will love), a wonderful source of the most beautiful in Europe and even a sculpture of a mammoth.

Ciutadella park

Take a picnic enjoying the good weather the sun. With 18 hectares is the largest park in Barcelona and is full of enchanting corners as Umbráculo and modernist Gases, or the palm trees some exotic birds live.

O Barcelona Zoo It is near the park, a great place to take the kids. Click here to buy tickets

Barcelona Zoo

Abracadabra Bookshop
A visit to a city like Barcelona can be stressful if you do the tour with the kids, you know how necessary are the breaks, so we offer a rather special stop: in Abracadabra bookstore. You will find it in the Gothic Quarter specializes in children's literature library, It has an excellent selection of national and international titles, learning toys and unique items. Who said history was not a good memory? Chocolate Museum The Barcelona Chocolate Museum offers a journey through the history of cocoa, their origins, the arrival in Europe, etc. It is filled with delicious chocolate figurines carved by chefs, pastry masters of the city and presents a program for the whole family. You can reserve one of your workshops in advance.

Entry 5 €; Free for children under 7 years.

Chocolate Museum

sacred Family
The church of Antoni Gaudí seems a sand castelinho we do on the beach, and inside with your 18 towers and a beautiful view of the city of Barcelona.

sacred Family

We recommend that you purchase the entrance via the Internet to be faster and mostly avoid the huge queues that have to buy tickets. Click here to buy advance tickets.

sacred Family

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