Viajar em um Motorhome, uma janela com vista para o Mundo

Traveling in a Motorhome, a window overlooking the World

December 26, 2019 22 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Always dreamed of making a trip in a Motorhome and this year we held this dream, It was a short trip, only 4 days the interior of Catalonia, in Spain, even with this short time was enough to know to travel in a motorhome is wonderful.

The dream Motorhome travel I (Chris) I have since childhood, but then we came to live in Europe, there is 5 years, first live by 1 year Dublin and there 4 years lived in Barcelona, greatly increased the desire and, Pri also began to have this desire, already in Dublin began to follow a couple who lived in a motorhome and from there put the head that would make this trip.

Motorhome travel

Last year we were at a trade show in Barcelona motor homes (is his name motorhome in Spain), to know what it was like one inside, see the space, the motorhome models and everything.

So after knowing a little more about, We arrived this year and rented a motorhome to travel in November holiday, here in Europe has many companies that rent, but they can also be rented with particular in applications such as Yescapa e SocialCar. On that first trip we rented with a company called AlquilaMeYa, they offered a good price for some items included many important, as kitchen items (plates, pans and utensils), bed and bath linen, beyond the outer and inner cleanliness was just doing a basic cleaning, in turn we deliver everything clean, We give our first tip, very careful when renting, read well what is included and what are the extras you have to pay not to fall into a bored, we have known that they had to pay 150,00 euros for exterior cleaning out the extras for basic items like dishes, bed and bath linens, for these people ended up leaving dearly.


As always plan our trips very, we knew several important tips and information to be able to make this trip, which e.g. type of driver's license is required to drive a motorhome, that link count more, we will also make a series of posts on motorhome, items like:

Returning to talk about our first trip Motorhome, We got him on Thursday afternoon, We ask for the rental company to deliver the car at Barcelona Airport, since many companies are out of town, made an inspection of all items and had some risk or wrinkled, the young man who gave us the motorhome showed how to move on some items and has been on the road, but before we spend at the grocery store to stock the fridge with drinks and food as there was everything to save and make the food.

Motorhome travel

As we took the Motorhome midafternoon a 16h, as before, I Chris, was working and in November the sun sets earlier, around 18h, We chose to stop in a beautiful place near Barcelona that are the mountains of Montserrat, prefer to do so be the first time we were driving pretty much a “small truck” since the motorhome we rented was the model Rimor Katamarano 9 which has more than 7 meters in length, just to get an idea is the same size of two small cars and height has almost 3 meters, We did not want to walk and park at night so we stopped in a beautiful place, the Montserrat National Park overlooking the beautiful mountains, the places we stopped selected from a specialized application on the go with the motorhome park4night.




On that day we enjoyed the sunset and stayed there under a “toldinho”, put table and chairs that had the motorhome, We made our dinner and eat right there to take advantage of this freedom to have a window overlooking the world.

Motorhome sunrise in Montserrat


2First day we saw the sun rise, thing we do not see much, (We like to wake up later lol) we went for a walk through the mountains of MontSerrat, we had already known the part where the monastery, but the path of the base not. We stood there only in the morning, because the final destination of that day was to go to Mont-Rebei, a region of lakes and spectacular canyons.


We got there at lunchtime, but we suffered a little with such a big car and the last kilometers were very narrow roads (fit only one car) It was an adventure, just before we arrived at the place we were going to park just giving a little grated motorhome on this narrow road, a car that was coming in the opposite direction did not leave enough room for us to spend, we only realized when we arrived at the grated parking, which by the way was great, but this time all the world's people looked like they were stationed there and when we turned the attraction of the place, because we were the largest that was there lol, we had to make several maneuvers until the parking emptied shortly after 1am we were already there, adventures are for history, but finally we stopped the car at our lunch table and chairs with a wonderful new view of the world.

Mont-Rebei and Motorhome

Then we walk through Congost de Mont-Rebei but it was more to give a known because the walk to get to know this place would be all the next day, as are some trails of 16km.

walk Congost de Mont-Rebei

Again we made our jantinha and we were on the balcony, but that day happened one of the problems because we are beginners in this type of trip, first, the water tank dirty crowded and we had to give way to empty in the middle of nowhere and it was already night, but I had a place to do this as in other parking Motorhome, the other problem and that a little more serious, was that at the end of Pri bath over the water from the clean water tank and I Chris, I had to shower with the water we had to drink, We use water as if we were at home and learned that it is not so, then just before time, things first-timers.

walk Congost de Mont-Rebei

3Th day did walk over a 16Km pelo parque do Mont-Rebei, with spectacular views, but that will count in another post not to let this long.

16Km pelo parque do Mont-Rebei

As we were without water in the motorhome we had to go there in the late afternoon before dark and stop in a new place, but before we needed to stop at a gas station to put water in the tank.

We stopped at a beautiful medieval town not far from Congost, in the city of Bdrguar where we knew we had a good car in a beautiful park, overlooking the medieval city and the river that runs through the city, there we stopped and enjoyed once again a beautiful new view.

4Th day were known Badarguer, this super charming medieval town that will count soon on what to do there.


In the afternoon we returned to Barcelona that it was the day of our return home on wheels that we love so much and are already planning when we travel with her again.

Badarguer com Motorhome

Continue following our posts on motorhome and many other trips we did with tips that always give here in TurMundial.


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