Video – Mesquita Cathedral of Cordoba

May 16, 2017 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

In today's video the TurMundial shows you how the beautiful Mosque Cathedral of Cordoba, We went on a trip we did by Andalusia, plus Córdoba, we visited Seville, Granada and Sierra Nevada.

A Mesquita Cathedral of Cordoba, It is the second largest cathedral in Europe, second only to the Vatican cathedral.

The old cathedral was a Mosque that was built at the time that the Moors invaded the regions of Andalusia.

Its construction is the tenth century, by the government of Emir Abd-ar-Rahman III, at a time when Cordoba lived its peak being the most important city in all of Europe.

What makes the most special Mosque Cathedral, is the mixture of both cultures Islamic and Christian, it has arches, very beautiful Islamic paintings and a Christian party that is in the center of very interesting cathedral.

She has a beautiful garden and is walled by the old fortified wall that protected the enclosure.

The Mosque turned Cathedral in 1236 when the Catholic Kings of Spain reconquered the region of the Moors.

When to Spain, be sure to visit this beautiful place, want to know more about Córdoba, click here.