Visitando Chamberí: oferta cultural y recomendaciones de restaurantes en Madrid

visiting Chamberí: cultural and recommendations for restaurants in Madrid

April 5, 2013 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Chamberí has ​​become one of our favorite neighborhoods in Madrid. It was unknown, typical "at the end of the article we will tell whether we liked it or not" and last minute surprises. And is that, in just one weekend, this neighborhood, or rather, district, He has managed to fall in love, and we want to shout it from the rooftops.
Out of this visit (we are already planning to repeat), we can offer mainly two things: cultural and recommendations restaurant recommendations in Madrid O, rather, in Chamberí.

But, let us start at the beginning. Chamberí, although we all know as a neighborhood, It is a district composed 6 barrios (Trafalgar, Arapies, Gaztambide, Almagro, Rosas River and Vallehermoso) which it was residential area of ​​the aristocracy during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. its location, very close to the Paseo de la Castellana, It makes it perfect for social and cultural life, and to accommodate good food, without ever losing the neighborhood atmosphere that we like. All in one, go!


Made presentations, we go to what matters to us. You'll spend a few days in Chamberí. What we recommend?

Visit the Museo Sorolla

The district is not known for its museums. What does this mean? Let the Sorolla Museum is almost a secret! Building, Paseo General Martínez Campos, 37, It was home to the famous painter himself and, Today, It houses the largest collection of works by Sorolla, as well as its original furnishings. We were completely in love with your garden, designed by the artist himself.

Discover Machado-Muñoz Gallery

If the previous recommendation was not well known, this takes the cake. You do not expect to find great paintings or photographs, because there are none. There is a gallery suitable for everyone, but if you like contemporary art, You can not go away Chamberi without entering it. Explicadnos experience if you do!

Enjoy a play in Theaters Canal

From 12 € you can enjoy a wide and varied range of shows with which you amenizaréis your nights in the area. theater, dance, Opera, flamenco, music and much more awaits you on the street Cea Bermúdez, 1. If'll check, we believe it is important to know that all car parks are about 10 O 15 minute walk from the theater.

Drink good coffee in Monkee Koffee

Drink good coffee in Monkee Koffee

Are ye both coffee lovers like us? So, You will not fail to go to Monkee Koffee, C / Vallehermoso, 112. In addition to superior quality coffee, you can take in one of the most modern industrial premises in the neighborhood and with fewer hassles across the capital. Friends, everything we wanted from abroad we have already at home!

Sit and drink in the Plaza de Olivade

Is, so we saw, one of the most crowded points of the neighborhood. But nevertheless, The atmosphere is so nice that we, at least, We could not help but return during the weekend (and we are already planning to do it again). It is pedestrian (something perfect in Madrid, the truth) and it has a park, plus a large number of terraces where you can sit and enjoy a good coffee, infusion or beer.

Comer, dinner or order a beer at Atelier Belge

Imagine being able to taste dishes that combine the best of Belgian cuisine with Mediterranean touches, into a perfectly restaurant without leaving not even Chamberi (C / Breton of Herreros, 39). Atelier Belge is the icing on the cake for a day of sightseeing! At least, for us, That's how it went. The local chef, Etienne Bastaits, You know what is, And that shows. It has been added, without a doubt, to our list of good restaurant recommendations in Madrid, and is not for less.

Belgian workshop

If you visit Chamberí, Do not hesitate to tell us if acudís some of our cultural recommendations and restaurant recommendations in Madrid! Remember that sharing is live, so, Everyone to live!

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