Zaragoza, antiga cidade Romana chamada Cesar Augusto

Zaragoza, ancient Roman city called Cesar Augusto

November 16, 2016 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Zaragoza, the ancient city of Cesar Augusto. Its current name comes from the ancient Roman place name, Caesaraugusta, he received in honor of the Emperor Augustus Caesar in 14 a. C. The origin of the city dates back to Salduie, it was the sedetana Iberian city located on the site of the current Zaragoza in the second half of the third century. C. It is documented in the Iberian coins with the name of “Salduvės” in a text of Pliny, the old man. With the foundation of Caesar Augusta, íbera the city-state has become immune colony of Roman citizens.

And you can know the whole city on foot.


Taking advantage of the holidays has Spain, which are similar to those in Brazil, but with a little more, Eba, fomos travel to Zaragoza, We stayed in town 2 and a half days, and it is more than enough for the city.


Zaragoza It is halfway between Madrid and Barcelona, because of this location, many people take advantage and get one day staying in town. Barcelona left the city with sun, only half way on the road had a very heavy fog, which left us means brave, but we saw in the cell that time in Zaragoza would open the sun ace 13hs and luckily hit.

Things to Do in Zaragoza

Things to Do in Zaragoza and what are the main attractions of Zaragoza.

The city center where the Nuestra Señora del Pilar, river with Stone Bridge, O Palace of Aljafería and as part of Expo 2008, are the main attractions of Zaragoza. So the best place to stay, old is at the center of Zaragoza, for there are the main places to visit in the city.

which are the main attractions of Zaragoza

We stayed in a hotel called Inca, right near the Pilar square, the hotel is great, well located clean and a great price, we pay 38 Euro per day for 2 people.

On this trip we went by bus from Barcelona, a lot of people coming to Europe do not think this type of transportation that often or almost always cheaper than train and plane, and it takes almost the same time a train trip, Furthermore new low cost bus companies are entering the market such as MegaBus and FlexBus, these companies you can find bus tickets for up to 2 euros or distance, we too use an application seeking tickets on buses, train and plane, O GoEuro. We pay 19 euros round trip per person, the trip takes about 3:30 am, the same time it would take to train.


The bus dropped us at Delicias station which is also the same train stop, from there to the city center is very quick and easy, It has several bus lines that go there, the value of the municipal bus is 1,35 euros, they do not accept credit card and notes above 10 euros, know that because off the bus station, We gave the driver a note 20 and he said he did not accept and we would need to change.


Now let's talk a bit about what to do in Zaragoza, We arrived at the hotel early in the afternoon just in time to check-in, shortly after leaving the bags, we already know the city, and we started the main attraction of the city, to imposing Basilica of Our Lady del Pilar which is in Pilar Square, the Basilica is beautiful both inside and out, and the good thing is that pay nothing to enter.


Basilica of Our Lady del Pilar

The Basilica of the entrance there are several altars is very beautiful even, inside inadvertently found listening to a guide talking to a group, that the Spanish civil war the basilica was hit by two bombs dropped by aircraft,and but incredible is that none of the bombs exploded, a miracle is not? Today the pumps are turned off and exposed on one of the walls of the Basilica.

Basilica of Our Lady del Pilar

Then from there we decided to meet the right side of town, because the next day we were going to the left side, which is another major attraction which is the Palace of Aljafería.

Leaving the Basilica we know the right side of the Pilar square which has a mirror Water, shortly after the cathedral has called San Salvador, this San Salvador Cathedral took a bit of work to get to know, that first day took pictures out because it was closed in the afternoon, We try to spend the night after the walk that soon tell and again it was closed, security said that the church would open the next day, and it was open to ace 19hs, the next day we were finishing the tour of the Palace and came rushing to get there before and we das19hs, We enter only through a side door that led to only a chapel that was having a mass, we left and went to the front door and was closed again, We were very angry because we lost the evening at the Palace, the last and third day we went again, we were trying to go too as the hotel receptionist had said that the church was more beautiful than the Pilar Basilica, Finally the church was open, only to our surprise we had to pay 6 EUR per person, and we had to be quick because we had to go to the bus station to return to Barcelona, Then we saw a church pictures on the internet and decided not to enter, served good story to tell lol.

Basilica of Our Lady del Pilar in Zaragoza

Returning to talk about the first day, after passing through San Salvador Cathedral, we went to Cesar Augusta Museum Forum which is next to the Basilica.

San Salvador Cathedral

Walking through the city passed the Arco del Dean.

Arco del Dean

We went to the Museum of the Baths and the Museum Public Theater Cesar Augusta, where the Roman theater or amphitheater just do not know why covered amphitheater and must have been strange, not given to know because every day we were in town the place was closed (Sunday, open a few hours, every Monday and is closed on Tuesday was a holiday) thankfully we not long ago went to a wonderful amphitheater in the city of Tarragona.
Continuing, we passed by Church of San Gil Abad.

Soon after we had seen on the map that had a Sástago Palace, since we were nearby spent in front, It is a place not pretty.

We arrived in Church of Santa Maria Magdalena that was under renovation, but it must be very beautiful, He has to take pictures out.

Church of Santa Maria Magdalena

No Convento del Holy Sepulcher and the Church of San Nicolas de Bari which is nearby only had time to go through the front of the place, We were to have gone back another day to get there only to end up doing other things.

Convent of the Holy Sepulcher

Church of San Nicolas de Bari

As I said the Stone Bridge It is one of the main attractions of Zaragoza, The current bridge is the fifteenth century but reportedly existed there before another bridge, and the current is under the front of the ruins.

The bridge is on the Ebro river that crosses the city in half, the whole structure of the stone bridge is what makes beautiful and next to it is the Basilica of Our Lady of Pilar Zaragoza one of the scenarios that most people take pictures, the bridge with the Basilica and the River, we took from various angles and at night also.

ponte is on or river Ebro

After crossing the stone bridge and pass the Macanaz park that has the other side got back to the old side by the other bridge, and we got one of the 44 towers is in the town, The Romans, these towers were on the wall that surrounded the city, today only is standing this tower was rebuilt, and a part of the wall that is next to it, also stands one of the city gates, soon tell about it.

Roman bridge

Following the street, we come to the municipal market that has a beautiful building but it is very small when compared to other Spanish markets.

It was getting late and we started to look for a place to stop and have a beer, We found La Imperial which is inside the wall in front of Igreja San Juan de Los Panetes, which the church tower is well pie.

the Imperial


We stayed there at the bar enjoying the evening taking a very cheap beer 3 euros per 600ml, even with a little cold it was we were on the terrace to admire the city and dusk.

Zaragoza is very bright at night, because of this and we also like to tour the night the cities we know, We went for a ride by Pilar square, the stone bridge, see that beautiful is the city the night.

ponte de Zaragoza

Zaragoza Cathedral


Zaragoza Spain

After giving back in town we returned for dinner at La Imperial, It is a bar and very good restaurant, super indicate, both the great food, as the cheap price and good service, We take a bottle of wine and each ordered a dish, say is very very great passage (I ordered a dish with pork and potatoes and Pri ordered a salad with salmon and smoked cod) left only 26 all euro, very cheap, in the Spanish countryside is as good and cheap, the cities of Barcelona and Madrid are expensive near the interior and south, that they compared to many major cities in Europe, They are already cheaper.

In the second day in Zaragoza, We were cruising the left part of town, the bad is that it was very foggy in the city, and I was leaving the time as if it was cloudy, it seems that in the fall there is normal that happen, but we expected it to be like the first day, that from the sun would open 13hs.

Basilica da Santa Engracia

Early in the morning we were in Basilica da Santa Engracia, a normal place pretty much anything, but as I was on the way through and got it.

Basilica da Santa Engracia

From there we got the only Roman gate of the ancient city standing to this day Porta del Carmen, course has undergone changes but a part of the structure is that time, the door looks like it is outside the old city, but just to see what great was the city of Cesar Augusto.

Porta del Carmen

Then just to take pictures of Plaza de Toros de La Misericordia, because its façade is very beautiful arches, I do not know if there still have bullfighting, It not looked like it had.

Plaza de Toros de La Misericordia

We also went by Church of Our Lady del Portillo.

Church of Our Lady del Portillo

We arrived at the main attraction of the day and the city Aljaferia Palace, which was already all, a fortress, a castle, dominated by Arabs, reconquered by the Catholic Kings, and it is now a tourist attraction and seat of government of Aragon (where the state capital is Zaragoza).

Aljaferia Palace

We got there just in time it was closing for lunch, there they open in the morning and afternoon, We changed plans and went to the Park and Walkway del Volunteering, pensil one runway and modern glass side, which was created to Expo Zaragoza 2008, the walkway is also on the river Ebro, and overlooks the Expo Park 2008 and the Basilica of Our Lady of Pilar.

Expo Zaragoza 2008

Expo Zaragoza


Time hardly opened, has improved.

Across the river we found a really nice restaurant on the river Luna Nueva, besides the beautiful place, the food is very good and cheap, We stayed there for a time to have a beer, eat and wait until the Palace to reopen.

argens do rio New Moon

Before returning to the Palace we went to the Plaza Expo 2008, which has a sound of trees and some sources, that make a square and you can stay in some of them, without getting wet, course you have to go at the right time.

Expo Square

Expo Square

Returning to Palace of Aljafería is input 5 euros but for students with ID card is 1 euro, the Palace is very beautiful, It has some of the very detailed time Arabic speakers is a ride 1 hour, and worth knowing.

Palace of Aljafería

Palace of Aljafería

Palace of Aljafería

Palace of Aljafería

Palace of Aljafería

Palace of Aljafería

Palace of Aljafería

Palace of Aljafería

Leaving there already at dusk wanted to stay over there to take some pictures to the outside of the palace with it all lit, He has to take some, only we had to go back to San Salvador cathedral I told above, we went three times and did not enter, we should have stayed at the Palace until very dark sky.

Palace of Aljafería

Since we returned to the plaza del Pilar, We went looking for a restaurant there to drink and eat, We find a good place in the Plaza de Santa Marta 1, We do not remember the place name, there also beer 600ml cost 3 euros and the food, good and cheap, from what we saw is a very traditional place in town.

Praça del Pilar

In the third and last day, We take the opportunity to rest in the hotel because the weather was rainy and half closed and did not have much else to do in town.

Only we went in Lift Torre da Basilica del Pilar, that costs 3 euros to climb, It has a very nice view of the city, only the tower shakes a bit and gives a certain affliction by height, if you have a little fear of heights will have to face, to go there.

Torre da Basilica del Pilar

After that we took a little walk around the city and went to eat at a restaurant right in front of the Basilica, we had thought it was cheap that not others, only that it was much more expensive and the food was nothing very good, a normal food, better go in the other we speak up.

Zaragora Aragon

Well this was our trip to Zaragoza, I hope it helps you when you are there…

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