Zurique, Zürich ou Zurich, o centro financeiro da Suíça

Zurich, Zurich Zurich ou, the financial center of Switzerland

April 28, 2018 10 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Zurich is the main city in Switzerland, It is the financial center of the country, there are several banks and banking services, for being the largest city and the most well known, many find the capital of Switzerland is Zurich (also known as Zürich Zurich in German or French, 2 the 4 languages ​​spoken in Switzerland) but the capital is Bern, the city is on the Zurich lake leaving the very beautiful city.

We went to Zurich on a trip in early spring, We took advantage of the Easter holiday, Barcelona holiday is two days, the Good Friday and Monday, we made a screenplay by Switzerland in 4 days and know 5 cities, in today's post we will talk only about what to do in Zurich.

Things to Do in Zurich and what are the main attractions of the city?

See our script in Zurich and know what to do in Zurich, We arrived in the city early in the morning on a flight coming from Barcelona, the airport already bought a cell phone chip (if you are from Brazil and want to have internet on your mobile data in Europe, Buy an international travel chip so you can use the Internet without worrying), because our Spanish chip works in Switzerland, but the values ​​are very high because, Switzerland does not belong to the European Union (here in Europe a Spanish chip works free of charge the most in all European Union countries).

O que fazer em Zurique

Coming back to our ride, how we would know Zurich, Lucerne, Lausanne, Montreux e Geneva in this trip, We spent all day for Zurich as, We arrived early at the airport and slept there, but the next day we would have to take the train to Lucerne. He gave to know enough places, of course if you can stay longer will be the ideal, I Think 1 more day would already be great, but he has to know everything we wanted to see.

principais atrações de Zurique

From Zurich airport to the city the best way to get there is to take the train at the airport and get off at the main Zurich city station, a Main Station or Zurich HB, the value of the ticket is more or less 6,50 EUR per person, the station is right in the center of town, there has to leave the locker backpack, but we ended up leaving it at 14h we would check in at hotel, and we get our backpacks, but I confess I should have left there and paid the 5 Euro locker for the two backpacks, because it just tired in much later in the day, as we walk over 20km and a 12km with them on the back and lighter than were overweight is a right?And always we think walking is the best way to meet European cities. Then we took a break in the middle of our tour to leave them at the hotel, it no longer aguentávamos more.

roteiro em Zurique

Our first stop was at Swiss National Museum, which is right next to the station Zürich HB, the museum always has exhibits of Swiss works to publicize the works of the country, we just passed in front of the beautiful and German style building even, because this part of the country is German, the most spoken language in this part is German.

Museu Nacional Suíço

The city is divided by the river Limmat arriving at lake, on one side is the most modern city and the other the old town and the city center, After the museum we were in the most modern part and went on Igreja Central Library Zurich, which is beautiful outside and inside but, It is not a major tourist attraction of Zurich.

Igreja Zentralbibliothek Zürich

Igreja Zentralbibliothek Zürich

Next to the church is the main university in the city University of Zurich.

O Museum of Fine Arts, It is also on this side of the river but it was closed for works, it happens a lot here in Europe, if you go to any city and want to see a museum or a specific place see if it is not under renovation, for example the Big Ben in London is under renovation and will stay the next two years so, the facade of the icon London is all full of sidings, We gave the example of Big Ben as, soon we will speak of a curiosity about the clock.

Water sources potable, Zurich and other Swiss cities have thousands of sources of drinking water, we were with a bottle of water that we were filling in the sources that we passed, and they say the city has more than 1.000 sources, and should have the same because, we saw a 100 no minimum, see some of them below.

Fontes de água potável, Zurique

A Catedral Grossmünster in the Romanesque style of the twelfth century, It is the most beautiful city, she had umagrande role in the Protestant Reformation of the Catholic Church, Monday to legend was founded by Charlemagne. We enter to know the church that does not pay anything to join and is very beautiful, but it is the best view across the river, this side of the river Limat you will have a better views of other city churches, a Fraumünster e a St. Peter.

Catedral Grossmünster

Lake Zurich (Lake Zurich) It is one of the main attractions of Zurich, the city revolves around it, and the promenade along the lake is where everyone comes out to walk around and enjoy the day, And that's what we did.

Lago de Zurique (Zürichsee)

Cisne no Lago de Zurique (Zürichsee)

On boardwalk from the beginning has Praça Sechseläutenplatz and the Zurich Opera House, a beautiful place on the lake, the Opera House must have many wonderful concerts, but it should be quite expensive, like everything else in Switzerland.

Zürich Opera House

We walked on the boardwalk to Zurich lake, and there took advantage of a snack bar in the middle of the park to eat a frankfurt (our famous hot dog) theirs is with the sausage German style and it does not come within the bread, they first bite the sausage and then bite a piece of bread lol, one very very hard bread by the way, but it was ok, frankfurt two and two beers cost nearly 20 euros, we dearly, but by Swiss standards was almost rsrs grace.

calçadão a beira do lago de Zurique

On boardwalk has Chinese garden (Chinese Garden) but you have to pay to get, do not enter for the garden for a change was under renovation and looked small and you could take a peek outside and we do not think very worth entering.

Jardim Chinês (Chinese Garden)

O Parque Zurich Horn is that part of the city and there has beautiful views of the Swiss Alps, who were still covered with snow in early spring.

Parque Zürichhorn

Where to stay in Zurich?

After all this it was time to check in at the hotel and had a good walk from the park to the hotel, which is well located near the Zurich HB station, and remembering that until then we were with our backpacks to falter and not left in the lockers of the train station.

We were staying at Swiss Star Anwand Lodges, very good, clean, tidy and good location, but has no reception and the key you get at the entrance of the building, after booking the hotel they send you the code to type into a box where we took the key. The hotel has a good price compared to expensive hotels in the city, the room had everything we needed heating, private bathroom, tv, wi-fi, We love and indicate.

Near the hotel has Old Botanical Garden, a botanical garden, We do not know if it's good because we were so tired that we just thought getting to the hotel.

Old Botanical Garden

After giving a restful of 15 no hotel minutes, We went to visit the old town began by Park and Castle Lindenhof, it even has a castle Zurich, or at least had right, today only have ancient castle ruins, the main part is a wall where the castle was, today is a park with a beautiful view of the city as it is the highest point of this river side, from there we have a beautiful view of the churches, River and lake.

Parque e Castelo Lindenhof

Parque Lindenhof

Igreja St. Peter (Saint Peter) one of the four main churches of the city, It is next to the castle of Lindenhof, the church was built on top of ancient ruins of another church from the Roman era, the current church is Gothic, the interesting thing is that the clock tower is Europe's largest tower clock, bigger than the famous Big Ben. The steeple of the church was a long time ago and served the highest tower to watch the fires in the city.

Igreja St. Peter (São Pedro)

Igreja St. Peter (São Pedro)

Very close to the main street of the city Bahnhofstrasse, It has the most chic shops, It has a place that can not miss in Switzerland, that is to buy and eat a good Swiss chocolate Confiserie Sprüngli AG It is one of the most famous shops, but as it was a holiday the store was closed, but nearby find another store that has a chocolate maravilhosoo think the best we have eaten in life, a Teuscher Chocolates of Switzerland standing on street Storchengasse 9, so if you have the opportunity to pick up 2 buy stores open in both, and tell us what was the best.

Teuscher Chocolates of Switzerland

Next to chocolate shop Swiss is Abadia de Fraumünster known for its stained glass windows designed by Marc Chagall and Augusto Ciacometti, Abbey is the ninth century, one of the four most important churches of Switzerland.

Abadia de Fraumünster

Abadia de Fraumünster

O Terminar de Balsas Zurich Bürkliplatz, in Lake Zurich has several boat trips to, we ended up not doing because we had little time in the city, but for those who have more time to be a cool ride.

In the late afternoon we bought some beers at a diner on the terminal and stayed there enjoying the view of the lake and waiting for the rain to stop, during the day it did not rain, even opened a sun evening, only in the late afternoon gave a rain, even though we had known all.

as we speak Zurich is too expensive, then we went to eat at Mc Donalds, and yet cost 23 euros, more than double that paid in Spain or other cheaper countries in Europe, We stayed there a while waiting for the evening to see the city lit.

Igreja St. Peter (São Pedro)

Catedral Grossmünster de Zurique

On the way back to the hotel we saw the churches and the whole city lit, and it's quite beautiful, worth a walk by night Zurich, We hope you enjoyed, this was our screenplay by Zurich and what we did there.